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I was diagnosed with colon cancer in February, 2009.
My wife, Cindy, and I decided not to follow any of the medical treatments. We started doing research on alternative methods of treatment.

We had been introduced to the Hallelujah Acres Recovery Diet several years ago and decided to use this diet as the treatment for my colon cancer. The problem was that we didn't know how to get started.

It was at this time we received a card in the mail that said Hallelujah Acres Health Ministers Bev and Chet Cook were having a 3-day seminar in Freeport, Illinois and we decided to attend. It was through the seminar we learned the basics of what we needed to do.

Because we learned that juicing was going to be a very large part of the answer we purchased a Green Star Juicer.

I have now been on the Hallelujah Acres Recovery Diet for 18 months. Within the first few weeks the symptoms stopped but over the next several months there were occasional reminders that the cancer was still there. About a year after I began the diet all symptoms had stopped completely. In addition, during that first year on the diet I stopped having problems with my heart.

I weighed 195 pounds when the cancer was diagnosed and within the first year of making the diet change I dropped 40 pounds and then my weight continued to decrease. I now weigh 148 pounds, for a total weight loss of 47 pounds, and my weight has now been stable for the past 3 months.

I have waited until now to say much of anything because I wanted to make sure that the cancer was truly over before I started telling very many people about my healing. Though I did not accept any medical modalities for my cancer I did go back to the doctor to have blood work to check the cancer markers. When the cancer markers started dropping I started being more confident in being able to tell people that the diet was working.

It is to God that we give the glory. He has given us a body that, if we treat it the way He tells us to in Genesis 1:29, will heal itself just as God designed it to do. After seeing the changes the Hallelujah Diet had brought about in my life, Cindy and I both took our training to become Hallelujah Acres Health Ministers in March 2010. We want to be able to tell as many as we can about the fantastic healing that can come about if we will just treat our bodies as God intended them to be treated.

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