Hallelujah I am cancer free since Oct. 1996 naturally, to God be the glory! I have followed the Hallelujah Healing Diet Lifestyle with Incredible Healing results, not only am I cancer free, but I have lost 60 overweight pounds from 180 to 120 at 5'3.

I have no more lifelong allergies since I have gone off all dairy Praise God, normal cholesterol, more energy, endurance, clarity of mind, joy, peace and purpose as I walk in God's original truths for the Body Temple He has given us for this journey with Jesus. Hallelujah! The changes you make are for life, to set you free to enjoy all God has Planned & Purposed for you! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying the life giving and life changing Hallelujah Diet! In Jesus' eternal love.

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