Dear Reverend, Calvary greetings in Jesus' Name. I got well from invasive breast cancer through The Hallelujah Diet in year 2001/2002. I have not been able to come for the Health Ministers Training as desired as yet, but I keep telling people that they don't have to be sick, and the Lord is confirming it in many lives.

By God's grace, one Patience Ojemeni, who is now trained as a Health Minister in Nigeria, got healed from diabetes and other diseases on The Hallelujah Diet, through my testimony and encouragement. I also have had some other people who got healed from diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer through adopting The Hallelujah Diet.

We give all the glory to God! But I would like you to also know that I have witnessed some people die, even after adopting the Diet, if they had completed the orthodox treatments of chemotherapy and/or mastectomy before hearing about The Hallelujah Diet. At times I have gotten so discouraged that I thought I will not share the diet with those who previously received orthodox treatments for their cancers, but when I look at those that have got well from this same disease by this same diet, I made up my mind to give the same opportunity to all that are willing to hear.

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