Have been meaning to write our long overdue testimony, and how the Hallelujah Diet has changed our lives, for some time now. We are so thankful to have learned from you God's way of eating, and we thank the Lord every day for our new lease on life through restored health.

My husband Chuck had his first heart attack at age 46. This heart attack damaged 25% of his heart. Then there were three blockages of 60% to 80% each. The doctors decided that open- heart surgery was not an option because of all the heart damage. His heart was also skipping beats and would go into spasms. In 1983 the doctors prescribed a low-fat diet, along with a walking program. Because of the diet change and exercise, the blockages were reversed, but heart problems continued. There were days my husband was able to do some work, but afterward would have to spend several days recuperating.

He had to always carry nitroglycerin pills and was taking them regularly. Then we became complacent with our eating habits and my husband began to have more problems, not only with the heart (angina pain), but also with the prostate, along with other complaints. I sadly watched my husband's failing health and prayed for a miracle to bring him back to good health. Others were also praying for him. But we had no idea the answer to our prayers would come in the form of food.

It was at this time friends introduced us to your books and the Hallelujah Diet. This was just after Chuck's new cardiologist had told us he was concerned about another serious heart attack and placed him on more medication to prevent such an occurrence. The doctor also wanted to do surgery. Chuck asked the doctor if he could do the Hallelujah Diet. Well, the doctor told him that if he wanted to go on a vegetarian diet to be strict about it. The doctor really had no idea what the Hallelujah Diet was all about, but he said 'O.K.' This was an answer to prayer. It did not take very long on the Hallelujah Diet before Chuck started feeling better and having more energy.

I am happy to report that my husband is now well! He has not felt this good in twenty years! There are no more problems with his heart. He takes no medication. He now has a regular heartbeat, and is free of any angina pain! And after seventeen years, he no longer has to carry nitroglycerin pills everywhere he goes. Lately, he has trimmed trees, repaired the roof, and put up gutters with no problem.

An added bonus is that he had been suffering with back pain from a fusion for 38 years, having to take daily aspirin. And for the same 38 years, he has had to use a heating pad in order to sleep. Well, he no longer takes aspirin or needs the heating pad, and has very little if any back pain.

I had decided to go along with my husband's diet and lifestyle change, and am so glad that I did. I thought I was 'healthy.' Oh, I had some complaints, like headaches, constipation, arthritis, painful hip problems, and allergies, but just lived with them, thinking they were a normal part of life. But since changing to the Hallelujah Diet all the above physical problems are gone, and I haven't felt this good in years! Neither one of us will ever go back to the SAD way of eating. We are telling others about it, and it so exciting to see our friends get well also. Thank you for all your honest information, information we can trust and pass on. I hope you will be able to continue your weekly e-mail Health Tips and 'Back to the Garden' publication. They are so inspiring!

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