I have lung cancer that has metastasized to my lymph, liver and brain. My husband and I decided to seek treatment at the Oasis of Hope hospital in Tijuana, Mexico after chemotherapy had not only failed to help me, but caused new problems. We learned a great deal about alternative therapies for cancer at the Oasis Hospital, including proper nutrition, the importance of staying active through exercise, becoming your own best advocate, as well as keeping our eyes upon the Lord at all times.

It was at the Oasis hospital we learned about the Hallelujah Diet. We both adopted the diet and I have been feeling great! People can't believe that I have stage IV cancer. Even my doctor told me that if he didn't already know I had cancer he'd think I was in excellent health. I feel better than I have in years and have resumed walking. I tell everyone who asks me 'how come you are doing so well', about the Hallelujah Diet. It has changed my life. Thank you for your ministry.

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