I have been enjoying the benefits of being on The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle for three years. Since I stopped eating the 'world's diet' and started eating 'God's Diet', I have experienced the following improvements in my health:

Diverticulitis problems - Gone!
Digestive problems - Gone!
Aching joints - Gone!
Hair loss - Stopped!
Menopausal problems - Stopped!
Skin so much improved I no longer have need for make up!
Energy level - Up!

I want to become a Health Minister so that I can be more effective in helping others. Already, even before coming for training, I have been able to help a number of people:

One young girl in my church had been in a wheelchair for several years. The family had taken her to many different doctors, but none were able to diagnose her problem, help her, or explain why she had lost the use of her legs. When I shared with the mother that The Hallelujah Diet might help her condition, she said she was already aware of the diet but wasn't following it. Then in February 2008, the young girl decided to go 100% on the diet with lots of fresh vegetable juices. By August, she was able to walk into church, and continues to improve.

An older woman in our church, also in a wheelchair, who was obese and in chronic pain decided to adopt The Hallelujah Diet. I had given her several of Dr. Malkmus' books a year prior, and after she made the diet change was able for the first time in 15 years able to walk again, without pain, and has lost 30 pounds.

Because of all the improvements people in our church are experiencing after adopting The Hallelujah Diet, in addition to my own improvements and the two mentioned above, the church has given me approval to start a Hallelujah Diet Support group in our church. We will meet regularly, share a portion of Rev. Malkmus' 'God's Way to Ultimate Health' DVD for 20 minutes each time, and then encourage one another, answer questions, share recipes, and once a month have a Hallelujah pot luck meal together. We will also encourage all to read Dr. T. Colin Campbell's book The China Study, which scientifically documents and validates the reason for a vegan diet.

I need Health Minister training so that I can more accurately answer questions and point people in the right direction. I have been learning so much from the Hallelujah Diet 'Get Healthy Stay Balanced' program that I have been working on. Great stuff! I am looking so forward to coming to your 58th Health Minister training in November, so that I will be better able to help others realize that they don't have to be sick!

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