My dear Dr. Malkmus, greetings in our Lord and Saviour Jesus the Christ. In October of 2001, God led me into fasting and prayer for 7 days, as I was depressed and having spiritual issues. During that time He showed me I was filled with worldly poisons, including foods. He gave me a vision of an all-natural diet, however I had no experience in this area and was fearful to try such drastic measures. At the time, I was diabetic, suffered from extreme vertigo, colitis, and lethargy.

During the fast, God truly gave me insight and removed fears regarding food adjustments. In December, a friend told me about the Hallelujah Diet, and gave me the site information. I was totally floored when I read the information at Hallelujah Acres, and realized it was confirming what God had revealed to me in October.

At the end of December I began following the Hallelujah Diet, and have not deviated since that time.
I am happy to report that my diabetes is gone, the vertigo is gone, the lethargy is gone, and depression is gone! My weight loss is at 66 pounds and I went from a size 20W to a size 10, from 220 pounds to 154 pounds. The best part is I have no more cravings since giving up refined sugars,dairy, meat, white flour products, and processed foods.

Eating the Hallelujah way has totally changed my life! I ride my bicycle daily at least 10 miles, and have more energy than I have ever had. My birthday is in July, and I will be 49 years young!!! Fifty is looking better all the time. Thank you so much for your continued research and heart to all of us who are seeking a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father, and the desire to care for our temples as He has always intended for us to do. God bless you abundantly.

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