My wife started The Hallelujah Diet in April 2003, and I watched her lose 70 pounds in her first 9 months on the diet. In January 2004, I started The Hallelujah Diet myself, and quickly lost 50 pounds and the arthritis in my knees disappeared. Normally, I would have 2-3 colds a year, along with the flu at least once, but since going on The Hallelujah Diet, I have not had a sick day!

In October 2001, my mother, at age 70, had a tumor the size of a grapefruit removed from her colon, and we almost lost her following that surgery. In April 2003, they found another cancer, this time on her liver, which was growing extremely fast. The doctors said she needed surgery immediately. She felt she would not survive another surgery, and being a retired Registered Nurse and knowing the risk of chemotherapy and radiation, refused all medical treatments. I told her about The Hallelujah Diet and showed her Dr.
Malkmus' video, "How To Eliminate Sickness." After watching the video, she was very willing to give The Hallelujah Diet a try.

At her next scan, after being on The Hallelujah Diet for only about 4-months, doctors asked her what she had done, because the cancer had stopped growing. She told the doctors about The Hallelujah Diet and the doctors told her that the diet was apparently working and to 'keep it up.' She had also been on heart medication and blood pressure medication before going on The Hallelujah Diet, but after only two weeks on the diet, the doctor took her off all medications. It is now 3-years later, mother is 74-years- old, has lost a total of 90 pounds since making the diet change, and has lots of energy and feels great!

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