Well I can finally sit down and tell you my good news. Finally it's settled. I am free from cancer. Praise the Lord for healing. All I did was watch what I ate. I told my doctor today that I had started the Hallelujah diet with prayer. You should have heard the doctor. He had sent all the tissue samples to the lab, 80 of them, and they all tested negative. When he got the results back, he could not believe it, so sent them back to the lab. The lab checked the labels and they confirmed the original results. My doctor told my story to his colleagues and they didn't believe him, so they checked it out for themselves.

The doctors are completely baffled, as they were sure it was malignant. My doctor gave me the test results and said, 'This is your trophy, store it well. The first time I met my doctor, he said he was not a believer in the Hallelujah Diet. Today, he said, 'Please keep on using that diet.' He went on to say that my story should be published so that many others could be healed. He asked for the e-mail address of Dr. Malkmus and wants his name added to the Hallelujah Diet mailing list and wants to read other testimonies. Thanks so much for your prayers and concern for me.

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