Saturday morning, May 23rd,1998, I got up, had my morning cereal, and began to read 'God's Way to Ultimate Health'. That was a turning point in my life. One for which I will be eternally grateful. On May 25th, I started the Hallelujah Diet. God's healing has been progressive. Not instantaneous, as I thought I would have desired.

Today, approximately four months later, I am 42 pounds lighter. wear size 16 pants instead of 26 pants, 14-16 tops, instead of 3x tops as I did when I began. I am able to walk without a cane, and without stumbling over myself. I am able to speak clearly and quickly without halting words, able to raise my arms straight above my head, which I had not been able to do for approximately 10 years, able to think clearly and concisely again, able to get out of bed in the morning without pain and stiffness, able to stand and speak for hours at a time without having to sit and rest. Absolutely no pain in the arm in which I had surgery, able to read through strong eyes. I've got my smile back.

All because of the loving mercy of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, who introduced me to Rev George Malkmus, and revealed the wisdom and Godly counsel included in the Hallelujah Diet.

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