Since I have not written in to "Back to the Garden" prior to this, may I say that we are being blessed in a manifold fashion as we move into our eighth month on the Hallelujah Diet.

After years on blood pressure medication, both of us are experiencing very beautiful blood pressure readings. Gone is our arthritis and so is the medication. As well, we no longer take allergy medications and most symptoms have disappeared. For years I had to go to a Dermatologist for the removal of pre-cancerous spots on my hands and ears. I will not need to go this year - I have no spots.

I could go on and on as we realize new blessings almost every week. Thank you for sharing this good news and for your gracious ministry to us. It is indeed a privilege to now be yoked with you and Rhonda and the rest of the staff as Health Ministers. We look forward to many years of ministry as we anticipate many people getting serious about the proper care of their body - God's Temple.

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