Our daughter was diagnosed with AML-M7 (Acute Myeloid Leukemia Type M7) last Nov. 23, 2002. She was a week away from her 2nd birthday! She did 6 months of intensive chemotherapy Both boys are growing big and strong and are extremely sharp mentally. Neither have been sick a and have not received any vaccines.

What is really neat, or should I say cool, both boys love BarleyMax straight from the container. Nathan is 19 months old and he knows the BarleyMax container. When he sees it he says barkie. He got up on the kitchen counter one day and opened the BarleyMax container, and was eating it with his hands. Nathan also loves carrot juice. Luke, who is 7 months old, also loves BarleyMax. He eats a � tsp. each morning, and cries for more when that is gone. Just thought I'd let you know how much these two boys love their BarleyMax.

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