In the summer of 1987 I began experiencing some cramping and diarrhea. By fall, my symptoms worsened to an almost continual need to eliminate, with much blood in my stools. By November I was suffering from serious fatigue, dehydration, and began running a temperature that peaked at 105. I spent two weeks in a hospital and then was sent to the famed Mayo Clinic.

By this time I had lost thirty pounds, looked like a skeleton with skin, and was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis! My world had crashed! I was weak, tired, angry, and depressed. How could God let this happen to me? I spent the next twelve years running to the doctor's office, taking medications that helped me somewhat control my disease, but I had continual flare-ups, with each one more intense and lasting a little longer. As a school teacher, I would count the number of times I would have to leave my classroom due to the rectal bleeding. The count often reached 20 to 25 times a day. My life was miserable and worst of all, I was losing hope that I could ever get better.

My doctors were doing everything they could to try to relieve my symptoms, which meant trying a host of different medications. By now I was giving myself shots in the stomach and needing lab work to monitor any harm the drugs might be causing my liver. About this time a friend introduced me to the Hallelujah Diet. I took a chance, figuring I had nothing to lose, went off all my medications and onto the Hallelujah Diet. Since going on the Hallelujah Diet, my bleeding has stopped and I have not had a flare-up in a year now. I still tire easily and have to watch my stress level at home and work, but my life is almost back to normal. I once again have hope for the future. I can only thank God for the second chance and pray for the discipline to keep my body on the road to recovery.

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