As a child I was raised on the Standard American Diet. When I was 9, my mom and step-dad were divorced and our eating habits got pretty pathetic. We would drink tons of Kool-Aid and lived on Twinkies and pizza. Around 13 years of age, I started smoking--sometimes two packs a day. At 14 I started doing street drugs and drinking. At 15 I started inhaling modeling glue and gasoline. At 16 I almost died from inhaling too much gasoline. I did drugs on a daily basis, including LSD biweekly. All the while I lived off Cap'n Crunch and whatever cost 69 cents at the store. At 17 I became pregnant, and also became a Christian.

After becoming a Christian I quit all drugs cold turkey, except smoking. At 19 I permanently quit smoking and had my second child. I weighed 180 pounds at that time. Following my son's birth, I suffered from fatigue, migraines, ovarian cysts, hypoglycemia, pimples, and a foggy brain as a result of all my drug use. At 20 I became pregnant with baby #3 and was so sick I was nearly bedridden during the entire pregnancy with such problems as varicose veins in my uterus and a whole list of other problems. By age 21, my weight was up to 220 pounds, and after #3 was born I became desperate to lose weight. I tried everything and nothing worked--until I finally tried the Atkins Diet-- and thought I had found a miracle. The pounds just fell off and I dropped to 145 pounds. But my health was still failing miserably. I slept twelve hours at night, took long naps during the day, and still felt bad. I searched Dr. Atkins' books to see what I was doing wrong and started taking all the supplements he recommended--but they did not help.

At 23 I was diagnosed with level 4 cervical dysplasia (cancer), plus experiencing the following problems: migraines, severe PMS, heavy menstrual bleeding, ovarian cysts, ovulation pain, mood swings, severe depression, bad circulation, foot pain, constant back and neck pain, ringing in my ears, anxiety, anemia, moderately severe carpal tunnel syndrome, severe constipation, indigestion, heartburn, hypoglycemia, bad breath, severe acne, and hair loss. On top of all this I developed a severe infection in my uterus, and was hospitalized for three days. But there is more: from birth, all three of my children were always ill. My first child, Jazminne, suffered from severe allergies, hearing loss, speech delay, developmental delay, chronic ear infections, had a bloated stomach and poor complexion, along with black circles under her eyes.

My son Jacob was a nightmare! From birth he was always ill, and I battled fevers several times a week with him. He had chronic ear infections, ear tubes, and had to have his adenoids removed. He cried all day and night until he was 2 1/2. He also was underweight, anemic, suffered with cradle cap, a bloated stomach, and his behavior was starting to look like ADHD.

My last baby, Alana, was born the sickest. I gave her the most expensive formula, but by the time she was 1 1/2 years old the doctor thought she had cystic fibrosis. She would poop out undigested food every day, covered with mucous. She always had a runny nose, chronic sinus infections, chronic ear infections, chronic bronchitis, and possible asthma.

But I am still not done: my husband had suffered with diarrhea since childhood. Stomachaches would keep him chained to the house for hours. He also suffered with daily headaches, fatigue, depression and heartburn. In July of 1999 I heard about the Hallelujah Diet at church. That day I thought I was going to church to learn about a new diet to lose weight. Boy, did I ever lose weight, but the biggest weight I lost was all those physical problems my family and I had been suffering with for so many years.

Since going on the Hallelujah Diet six months ago, all the physical problems my family and I had suffered with are gone!!! As I wrote this testimony letter, I cried as I wrote down all the physical problems that have gone away since changing what I was eating and feeding my family. It is amazing what a difference a simple diet change has made in our family's health, and I thank the Lord every day.

Cynthia is now 24 years old, works part time in a health food store, and has recently sent in her application for Health Ministers training in March 2000. She learned of the Hallelujah Diet at her church, where both the pastor and assistant pastor, along with their wives, are trained Health Ministers with 'Back to the Garden Health Ministries'. For those who might be interested, here is a sample of Cynthia's daily diet: 6:00 A.M.: Barleygreen and carrot juice. * 11:00 A.M.: Barleygreen * 12:00 P.M.: carrot juice* 12:30 P.M.: raw fruit, or vegetable salad * Dinner: Barleygreen and carrot juice, followed thirty minutes later by a big vegetable salad, followed by some cooked vegetarian food.

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