Greetings George, I have just completed the 21-day challenge and I feel fantastic! Hallelujah! I'm not sure how much weight I have lost since I do not have a scale. But I'm wearing pants I could not fit into before Christmas! There is a big scale at work but it only goes up to 320 lbs. Last time I was weighed at the doctor's office was 2 years ago and I was 347 lbs. I am 6' 1 tall, and know I had to have been close to 360 lbs when I began The Hallelujah Diet on January 1st.

I do not know if you remember me George, but about 3 years ago we did an Interview on WPOS radio after I had 'tried' The Hallelujah Diet just long enough for my gout to go away. I regret that I went back to my SAD cooking and a year later the gout was back with a vengeance. I now want to tell my listeners that they really do not have to be sick! I have completed the 'Get Healthy Stay Balanced' course, and plan to be a Health Minister by the end of 2006. Over and above the weight loss is such a feeling of relief! Praise God this really can be done with Jesus' help! I won't lie. The first ten days were awful. I was extremely constipated and felt tired a lot.

But that was the case before I started! I got on the Fiber Cleanse and felt better the next day! Since then every day is better than the day before and I now have energy to burn! I have had severe arthritis in my hips and had the left hip replaced in 1991 at the age of just 31. Before the diet change on January 1,2006, I was beginning to feel like the right hip was giving out! The right hip is feeling much better now and is virtually pain free! Also I'm sleeping better and have no need for the Zantac tablets (which before the diet change I needed most nights). As for the Gout - It tried to come back slightly as I was detoxing, but it is now gone! I am committed to being one of your '100 pounders,' a 100 lb. weight loss that is! I love to cook and now I'm enjoying creating living meals! Also, the beer I could not stay away from since 1979 is history along with the cigars!!! God bless all of you at HA! Jesus really has his hand on your ministry!

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