When I was 10 years old, a little girl living in the Czech Republic, I had a knee injury from gymnastics. My nickname was "snake lady," because of my flexible body. I almost made the National Team of Gymnastics, but my knee injury prevented that possibility. Because of my painful knee, I had to find another sport. I love horses, so I chose horseback riding. Unfortunately, I fell from a horse when he tripped over a tree in the woods. My knee got much worse! I saw several doctors, but nobody found the way to relieve my pain. Some doctors suspected I was making it up! Others told me, when I grow up a little more, the problem would disappear by itself! It never did. The older I got, the more painful the knee became. This problem made me have to give up a lot of activities which I loved. I often asked myself, "Is this ever going to get better, or will it get even worse?"

A few years ago, I came to the USA to study. Unfortunately, my health got worse, and I developed kidney and bladder infections and female disorders. I even ended up in the hospital twice! I had to take strong antibiotics for several weeks! My energy level was so low, and I suffered daily headaches! I could not make it through the day without a nap after lunch! On top of that, I had high cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome and Candida. I was a mess! I was so helpless and unhappy!

My diet consisted of cooked food from a school cafeteria, sweets and cheese sandwiches, and was totally lacking of fresh vegetables, fruits and plenty of fluids. Desperately, I was looking for help from various doctors here in Florida. I spent so much time and money, but they made me even worse than ever before. I thought, as most people do, that doctors would help and treat the cause of the problem, not treat the symptoms and suppress them with poisonous drugs! How could patients get better from something inorganic and far from the natural foods our Creator designed?

Thankfully, God led me to a chiropractic office, where a health minister was teaching the Get Health/Stay Balanced classes. I started right away and took all the interesting information very seriously. I bought a juicer and prepared fresh carrot/vegetable juices every morning. I followed the diet faithfully. I filled my kitchen with fresh and organic foods and with eco-friendly products. I totally changed my lifestyle, and now, six months later, I am a new woman. The pain in my knee is gone and so are all the other elements.

At first, my husband could not get used to this rapid change, but he does not complain anymore. He loves our "new kitchen", and his new healthy wife, and he feels so much better too. I cannot thank God enough for helping me to get well! It feels so good, and the people around me have certainly noticed the progress I made in my health. It feels really great to share the "right" information about a healthy lifestyle with my family and friends. I cannot wait to become a health minister to help people change their unhealthy eating habits and overcome diseases. I am returning home this spring and am eager to introduce the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle to my country. I feel this is my mission from God and with His help I hope to make a difference in many people's lives!

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