I have seen first hand how the Hallelujah Diet has changed my life and I want to be able to educate others on how simple dietary and lifestyle changes can make such a positive and dramatic change in their lives. Every day in my line of work I see individuals given large and frequent dosages of psychotropic drugs to treat emotional imbalances.

This is so disheartening because I know that in many cases mood instability is directly related to their dietary choices. I want to be able to educate, and give people alternatives to drug treatments. These people are putting more toxins into an already toxic body, and they are not getting any better. I want to help people take charge of their own health.

Since being on The Hallelujah Diet I have seen my acne, which I have struggled with for the past 23-years, totally disappear. Additionally, I now have increased energy and my monthly periods, which used to include heavy cramping, are a thing of the past. I now feel emotionally balanced and the things that used to make me very angry I now address with a calm spirit. I am also more patient with my husband and children and just feel healthier in general. Over all, I am less stressed and more patient and positive, and I give the Hallelujah Diet all the credit.

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