On the 26th of March 1997, I suffered a serious urinary blockage which resulted in a catheter being inserted. A PSA test was taken which read 88, and an ultra-sound guided biopsy showed benign prostatic hyperplasia and focal chronic prostatitis.

Consequently the urologist recommended early surgery, which I agreed to. My sister, who lives in Michigan, on hearing of my illness and plan for surgery suggested that I wait until she came with help, a video 'How to Eliminate Sickness', the book 'God's Way to Ultimate Health', and a bottle of Barleygreen.

I read about half of the book the same night I received it and decided then and there that was the answer to my prayer. I immediately went on the Hallelujah Diet. With great confidence in God and the Hallelujah Diet, after 4 weeks I had the catheters removed, and have been doing well since

I have lost 20 lbs. and a recent PSA test revealed a PSA of 12.4, and a flow test in the words of the doctor was 'Very Good.' I have already showed your video in five churches where hundreds have shown tremendous interest. Special thanks to Hallelujah Acres for this great work.

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