I am the pastor from Alabama. Both my wife and I went on the Hallelujah Diet 'cold turkey' the first week in June 2000. We were meat and dairy eaters with all the attendant problems that go with that diet.

Since making the diet change I have gone from 218 lbs. to a trim 173, a loss of 45 lbs. in three months. My arthritis is gone, along with sinus and allergy problems. My wife is diabetic and had been taking 45 units of insulin, divided into two shots daily, and even with the insulin still maintained a glucose count between 225-275.

Since going on the Hallelujah Diet her count has reduced to about 120. We encourage you and Rhonda to keep up the fight. We are standing with you. We hope to make the March 2001 Health Minister training. God bless you both and Hallelujah Acres.

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