Dear Dr. Malkmus, I met you at Tim and Anita Koch's Hallelujah Diet Lifestyle Center in Lake Lure, North Carolina. At the dinner table the evening you were there, I sat next to you, and across the table from Rhonda, and asked you about my curved back. I have had scoliosis for over 30 years and have always had tight back muscles and in an effort to get relief would shower several times a day with very hot water, or sit in a hot tub in an effort to get some relief from the almost constant pain.

That evening as we sat at dinner, I asked you if the Hallelujah Diet could heal my scoliosis, and you said scoliosis could not be cured by a diet change. Well, it has now been 9 weeks since we talked, and 9 weeks since I adopted The Hallelujah Diet. Guess what? 95% of my back pain is gone! I realize you said the scoliosis could not be cured - but I will gladly take the muscle pain being gone!!!

Other changes I have experienced in just the 9 weeks since adopting The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle include: hemorrhoids which I have suffered with for 19 years greatly diminished, old age spots are lightening, my skin is smoother, hair less gray, and I no longer require naps to get through the day. Your book 'God's Way to Ultimate Health' is excellent!!! Thank you for all your efforts to help others and for honoring God with your life!

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