"You can beat MS... like I did!"

"You can beat MS... like I did!"

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“Can improving one’s health be that simple?” Ask the people who have done it themselves! Every week in this MAILBAG section you read of the improvements people have experienced in their health as a result of doing something as simple as changing what they eat, from the SAD Diet, to The Hallelujah Diet. Here's an encouraging story of MS recovery:
“Brother George, I had a logging business in upstate New York for 14 years during which time I injured my back – including herniated discs. I never took time off to heal which didn’t help. Prior to that injury I began having my feet and legs go numb for months at a time beginning at age 17. Doctors said they couldn’t explain why, but said as long as it didn’t affect my daily routine not to worry. By age 25 doctors were still struggling to find the cause of the numbness which was now from my waist down. When I was 27 my pain and numbness was affecting my ability to cut trees and climb on and off my log skidder. Still I expanded my business, bought a log loader and hired a couple employees to run the loader. Doctors finally diagnosed my numbness problem in 1996 – I had Multiple Sclerosis (MS). “My MS doctor put me on some shots and told me I could continue working. The shots made me sick. So they put me on a different shot, but they made me even sicker – like the flu only five times worse. After the fifth shot I awoke paralyzed from the neck down and it lasted for 8-hours. That is when I stopped taking shots and began searching the internet. Eventually I had to quit my business which had been my life. When I quit my business I had 9 bulging discs, 2 herniated, for which doctors wanted to remove my tailbone because of severe swelling. “After spending nearly a year on my back attempting to bring healing to my back I was extremely unhappy. I struggled being cooped up inside for more than six months during the cold winters in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. We made a decision to move to Florida. After being in Florida about a year I took a bad fall, hurt my back again, and spent three more months in bed. That is when I began walking with a cane. Not long after that I ended up in a wheelchair. I hated who I had become so much that I became a hermit and no longer went anywhere in public. “It was at this low point in my life that I read an article in the paper about The Hallelujah Diet and how it was helping people with all kinds of physical problems improve their health. I went to the Hallelujah Acres website and began learning more about it. I emailed Hallelujah Acres and was encouraged to change my diet to a diet similar to the diet God gave Adam and Even in the Garden of Eden in Genesis 1:29. I had been a meat and potato man all my life, but being desperate I felt I had to give this diet a try. Within 3 weeks of adopting The Hallelujah Diet I was up and out of my wheelchair, pushing a grocery cart around. We owned a house with 2 acres of lawn and I began walking around my yard with a cane after eating my big salad each night. My kids would follow me around with my wheelchair just in case I needed it. “After a couple months on The Hallelujah Diet I was able to walk around the yard with my cane over my shoulder with my wife and kids cheering me on. I then got to the point where I could walk around the lake with my cane, a distance of a mile. I kept getting better – until my wife left me and my world as I knew it ended. I went off the diet and started drinking alcohol. Within 3 months of being off The Hallelujah Diet I was right back in my wheelchair and I didn’t get back onto the diet for a little over 3 years. In a little over 3 weeks back on the diet I was once again out of my wheelchair. “That was 8 years ago. Since then I have moved to North Carolina with my children, which was where their mom had moved after leaving me. I got a job working with teenage boys in a group home. About 5 years ago I was able to throw my cane away. I now work 100 hours a month and have the energy to push mow my nearly acre lawn. I can now walk 5 miles and probably more if I tried without even the use of my cane. I hope to waterski this summer for the first time in over 20 years. I still have some numbness in my legs but it is slowly subsiding. “I have never returned to my MS doctor after he abruptly refused to treat me following my refusal to take any more of his drugs. My family doctor of 6 years now can’t believe my progress and shares my amazing story of healing from MS with his patients. My oldest daughter wants to start holding marathons and events to raise awareness for those afflicted with MS. I am truly blessed to have found The Hallelujah Diet. I could never have recovered to the state I am today without the support of Hallelujah Acres, my loving family, and the Lord. Thank you! “P.S. I try to share the good news about The Hallelujah Diet and how it turned my life around with anyone who will listen. I really need to do the Hallelujah Acres Health Minister Training so that I can be better prepared to help others. I’m also excited to work with my daughter spreading the good news that will change other people’s lives like you’ve changed mine. God Bless you!” ~ Scott G., North Carolina

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