Worldwide Health and Healing

Worldwide Health and Healing

From sleep apnea to skin cancer, the body responds with healing when fed the foods it was intended for. Read these amazing stories from Hong Kong to Zambia!
Upon returning from our vacation in St. Augustine, Florida, there was a boatload of testimonies waiting in my mailbox. Thank you for the many who wished us a great vacation and thank you also for all the wonderful testimonies you sent me, telling how the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle had improved your health and life.
Dear Rev. Malkmus, we have been on The Hallelujah Diet for over 5 years and are growing younger with each passing week. We thank you so much for giving us our health back as 60-year-olds. We keep promoting The Hallelujah Diet to those ill and those becoming ill every day, as well as bringing people back to Jesus. Have a good vacation and write again when you get back. Bux and Bobo, Hong Kong
I’m in Nigeria teaching The Hallelujah Diet. Stay strong and enjoy your vacation. You and Rhonda are an inspiration to me and my clients here in Nigeria. Patience O., Nigeria, Africa
Hello precious George and Rhonda. I just wish to write to say what an amazing couple I find you two to be – so full of integrity, joy and encouragement. You have NO IDEA how much encouragement a person like myself, who has been through breast cancer, has derived from reading your wonderful Health Tips, website, and books. May you both have an amazingly blessed holiday (vacation) – so RICHLY deserved after such a long stint at the helm of Hallelujah Acres. May you truly reap all that you have sown! Penny W., Zambia, Africa
Thank you so much for all your wonderful Health Tips and books. Since adopting The Hallelujah Diet I have lost excess weight and my health is now great. My prostate problems are so much better and my cholesterol levels are now normal. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! And thank you George and Rhonda Malkmus for keeping up the good work and may the Lord bless you and Hallelujah Acres abundantly. James L.
In 2005 I had a large basal cell cancer in the middle of my nose. Surgery to remove it was scheduled for March 9 of that same year. Before the surgery date, my husband became suddenly critically ill and I had to postpone the date of the surgery. Someone told me about the Hallelujah Diet and I began to juice daily for my husband, but it was too late to help him, and he died. However, I began to drink the juice myself to help me cope physically and mentally with the stress of my husband’s death and the result was that I never had to have the surgery to remove the cancer because as a result of following The Hallelujah Diet the cancer simply went away. That was 6 years ago, and not only did the cancer go away as a result of the diet change, but many other health challenges also were corrected. I have been singing the praises of the Lord all these years for inspiring the leaders of Hallelujah Acres who provided a way for me to heal all my diseases without the doctor’s help. Sonia B.
Hi George, I hope you have a great vacation! I struggle with insomnia. I have been diagnosed as having sleep apnea. I wake up 28 times an hour when not on my sleep apnea machine (CPAP). But the machine doesn’t work well for me. It gives me dry mouth and I wake up after about an hour when I use the machine. I haven’t really had a good sleep in about 9 years. Is there anything I can do to beat this sleep apnea and be able to sleep once again? Mike EDITOR RESPONDS: Mike, here at Hallelujah Acres we have received a number of reports from people who, after adopting The Hallelujah Diet, saw their sleep apnea problem simply disappear and no longer have need of their CPAP machine. We have found that excess weight is usually the cause of sleep apnea. As a person adopts a 100% plant-based diet and starts exercising, excess weight usually just falls off. As the weight decreases there is usually no more need for the CPAP machine. Apart from a diet and lifestyle change I am not aware of any other way of addressing the issue successfully.

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