"Where Is God In Time of Sickness" Draws Big Response

"Where Is God In Time of Sickness" Draws Big Response

There's an old hymn that says "trust and obey." It's easy to get the "trust" part right, but "obey" seems to evade us — especially when it comes to God's instructions regarding proper diet!
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In last week’s Health Tip I concluded a two-part article titled “Where is God in Time of Sickness.” It was an article inspired by the large number of people who in a recent poll on my website voted “Prayer” as offering the “best hope in dealing with cancer.” Last week’s article drew a big response from subscribers and below I share a few of those responses:
Great article! Richard and Janet C.
Thank you Rev. Malkmus for that great article in Health Tip #714, titled ‘Where is God in Time of Sickness’. I think this may be the best Health Tip you have ever written! What you shared has been exactly our thoughts as well for a long time, but it is so hard to get people in the church to see the truth of what you wrote. Thanks for spelling out the truthful answer with such clarity. Shawn T.
Rev. Malkmus that article you wrote regarding ‘Where is God in Time of Sickness’ needs to be put into print form and made available to the folks praying for the sick to be healed in every church, not only in America, but in the whole world. In that article you revealed the answer to the question so many have asked after watching a loved one die following much agonizing prayer for God to heal that individual. Your answer was so ‘right on’! Henry M.
Thank you for this perfectly explained logical response to such a frequently asked question. This article frames my mind in a way that I now better understand how to think when God fails to answer prayers for a sick loved ones recovery. It should also be a big help in motivating people to change their diet and lifestyle. Tanner
That was a great article Dr. Malkmus. My husband has for years been trying to get me to stop relying on doctors and prayer for my healing, but I wouldn’t listen. I finally adopted the Hallelujah Acres Diet after both the doctors and prayer had failed to restore my health. Finally after overcoming my stubbornness to do what my husband had wanted me to do – change my diet and lifestyle – I got well! Sadly, too many people are still relying on doctors and God to restore their health when all they need to do is change what they eat in order to get well. Too bad it took me so long to learn this truth. Adriana
George, what you have said regarding God’s Natural Laws for healing the body makes sense. A car designed to run on gasoline will be ruined when wrong fuel is placed into its fuel tank. The same applies to the human body. God made the human body to run only on Genesis 1:29 plant foods. If we place something else into our human fuel tanks, over time, it will destroy the human body. Angelita
Dr. Malkmus, I am so very sorry about the passing of your grandson who refused to do The Hallelujah Diet after being diagnosed with cancer. That has got to be so very painful. My thoughts and prayers are with you both and the rest of your family. Thank you so very much for all that you do to help others improve their health. It is sad that often others, sometimes even those in your own family, will not listen and have to pay the price for not listening with their own life. Meta P.
EDITOR’S NOTE: Several people expressed interest that Hallelujah Acres provide in print form this article titled “Where is God in Time of Sickness.” Is this something you would like to see happen and if we did print it, would you be willing to make them available to the people in your church? You can respond with your answers to these questions here.

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