What Makes Satan's Alternative Diet (SAD) So Dangerous

What Makes Satan's Alternative Diet (SAD) So Dangerous

Man was not intended to eat out of a box! Rev. Malkmus shares the crucial differences between God's Original Diet (GOD) and Satan's Alternative Diet (SAD) and how each one affects the human body.
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In last week’s Health Tip we shared how Satan has been using food for a very long time to deceive believers in an effort to destroy their health, shorten their lifespan, and thus prevent Christians from fulfilling the ministry God called them to. In this Health Tip I want to pick up where we left off by taking a long, hard look at the differences between God’s Original Diet as found in Genesis 1:29 and Satan’s Alternative Diet (SAD), the diet most people (including most Christians) are consuming today.

God's Original Diet (GOD)

Below is God’s Original Diet. Notice that the first letter of each of the three words spells the word “GOD”. Yes friends, Genesis 1:29 literally contains the “GOD” diet, the very diet God Himself designed for our well-being and for our physical bodies to be properly nourished with!

Please notice who the speaker is in the first three words of this verse:
“AND GOD SAID, Behold,, I have given you every herb (VEGETABLE) bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the FRUIT of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat (FOOD).
This “GOD” diet as found in Genesis 1:29 was comprised of 100% raw garden foods and is the very diet that sustained Adam and Eve in the garden, and continued to sustain mankind for the next 1,700 years following man’s expulsion from the garden; right up until the flood that destroyed all plant foods. (See Genesis 7:19 & 24) During that 1,700 years of Biblical history, when man lived exclusively on this diet of 100% garden foods, the average lifespan of biblical patriarchs was 912 and there is not a single recorded instance of sickness during those years. But then comes the flood, and what did that flood do? – It destroyed all garden foods. Only after all garden foods had been destroyed did God allow man to deviate from that original 100% plant-based diet. I personally believe God allowed that deviation for survival purposes because all garden foods had been destroyed by the flood. And what was that deviation? God allowed man to get a taste of animal flesh. (See Genesis 9:3) Sadly, once man got a taste of animal flesh, Satan stepped in and started using that taste of animal flesh to tempt man to abandon God’s original, 100% plant-based, Genesis 1:29 diet. See Genesis 16:3 and Numbers 11:13-20 to see just how successful Satan was in getting man addicted to this destructive animal flesh. It might also be noted that it was only after man began to consume the flesh of animals and to cook his food, that physical breakdown began and sickness entered the human race. Ever since those initial deviations from God’s Original Diet, Satan has been using not only animal flesh — the primary cause of most physical breakdown to this current day — but also refined sugar, refined grains, and table salt to destroy man’s health. Satan continues to this very day to add increasingly destructive so-called "food items" to his arsenal in an effort to entice man to deviate ever further from God’s original intent for proper nourishment for the human physical body. I call this deviation from God’s Original Diet . . . .

Satan's Alternative Diet or the Standard American Diet (SAD)

Let's compare the composition and nutrient values of God’s Original Diet, the diet God — the creator of our physical bodies — told us we should consume in Genesis 1:29 for the proper nourishment of our physical bodies, with the diet most Christians as well as most others are consuming today. I also want us to note that it took bodily movement (exercise) for man to obtain these Genesis 1:29 foods (see Genesis 3:18-19). I can still remember my grandmother out in the garden at sun-up hoeing the weeds from the garden and my grandfather walking behind his horse drawn plow. Up until recently, man had to exercise in order to obtain his food. But something happened – man left the farm, moved into the big cities, and depended on others to provide the food. The result? Man’s diet has drifted ever further from God’s Original Diet and no longer does it require exercise for most people to obtain their food. Let us now take a look at the stark differences between what God told us we should eat in Genesis 1:29 with what most people are consuming today. Hopefully this comparison will shock each reader sufficiently into considering a diet and lifestyle change. First we will take a look at the nutritional content of God’s Original Diet and then compare it with Satan’s Alternative Diet (as Rhonda calls it) or the Standard American Diet (SAD):
  • God’s Original Diet as is clearly outlined in Genesis 1:29, consisted of 100% plant sourced foods, with ZERO refined and processed foods, and ZERO dairy or animal products, and these plant sourced foods were all consumed in their RAW form as served up by nature.
God’s Original Diet provides the body with approximately 10% calories from protein (all plant protein), 20% fat (all from plant sources), and 70% unrefined carbohydrates (all from plant sources).
  • Satan’s Alternative Diet (SAD), by contrast, consists of only about 7% plant sourced foods, 51% refined and processed foods, 42% dairy and animal products, and almost all being consumed in their COOKED form.
Satan’s Alternative Diet (SAD) provides the body with 14 to 18% calories from protein (mostly animal protein), 34 to 38% from fat (mostly animal fat), and less than 50% from carbohydrates(mostly refined).

Comparing God's Original Diet With The SAD Diet

Let’s begin by comparing the percentage of food consumed in its raw form, with the percentage of foods consumed in its cooked form in each of the diets. Notice that the percentage of RAW on the SAD diet is almost nonexistent while the percentage of RAW on the “GOD” diet is 100%. This is a huge factor, and here’s why: Our physical bodies are comprised of approximately 100 trillion LIVING cells that were designed by God to be nourished exclusively with LIVING (raw) plant sourced foods. It is impossible for LIVING cells to be properly nourished with DEAD or COOKED food and yet that is what the SAD is comprised almost exclusively of. NOTE: Every animal in the wild, carnivorous or vegan, ever since creation to this present day, instinctively eats all food in its living and raw form, as served up by nature. Only man, who has lost all natural instincts, attempts to nourish his body with foods that have had all life force (enzymes), and most of the nutrients, destroyed by the heat in cooking.
The SAD diet contains only about 7% plant sourced foods compared to the “GOD” diet which contains 100% plant sourced foods. The SAD diet is comprised of approximately 51% refined and process foods and 42% dairy and animal products for a total of 93% of NON-GARDEN foods.
Now let’s compare these “SAD” diet numbers with the “GOD” diet numbers. The “SAD” diet consists of 93% of foods coming from non-garden sources (51% refined and processed foods and 42% from dairy and animal sources). Compare that with the “GOD” diet containing ZERO refined and processed foods and ZERO dairy and animal foods. Also the SAD diet is consumed almost entirely in COOKED form while the GOD diet consists of 100% RAW foods. The differences are vast! It makes a lot of sense that you cannot properly nourish LIVING body cells with DEAD or cooked food. DEATH cannot support LIFE – Only LIFE can support LIFE! Now notice the difference in the percentages of protein, fat, and carbohydrates contained in the two diets:
  • God’s Original Diet contains about 10% protein compared with the SAD which contains nearly double that amount. This high animal sourced protein damages the body and feeds cancer.
  • The fat content of God’s Original Diet is 20%, while the amount of fat contained in the SAD is almost double.
  • And finally the percentage of (unrefined) carbohydrates in God’s Original Diet is 70% while the percentage of carbohydrates in the SAD diet is less than 50%.

Standard American Diet Causes Most Physical Problems

Eliminate animal fat from the diet and you eliminate almost all fear of ever experiencing high blood pressure, a heart attack or stroke. It is the fat contained in animal sourced foods that builds up on the arterial walls that causes the heart to have to pump harder in order to push the blood through all that fat build up clinging to the arterial walls. This is the primary cause of high blood pressure. This fat will continue to build up on the arterial walls no matter how many drugs the doctor prescribes in an effort to lower blood pressure. That continued fat build up is the reason so many are rushed into emergency surgery to install a stent to allow the blood to pass through the fat obstruction. Arterial fat is also the cause of most by-passes. Nearly half of all deaths in America are caused by this fat build up in the arteries. This fat build up also hinders blood flow to the brain causing brain fog. It is also the cause of circulation problems like varicose veins and the problem so many men experience called erectile dysfunction (ED). If men did not consume animal fat there would be no need for drug enhancers. There are numerous other physical and even psychological problems connected with animal fat and animal-sourced foods. Eliminate animal-sourced foods and you reduce your risk of ever suffering a heart attack or stroke by 96%, while reducing a person’s potential of ever experiencing cancer, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, and a host of other physical problems to nearly ZERO. Refined sugar, (and refined grains which convert quickly to sugar), are immune system suppressants that shut down the immune system’s ability to protect the body from germs, viruses, and bacteria. By eliminating refined sugars and refined grains and switching to a 100% plant based diet, the immune system functions as designed and almost all sickness becomes a thing of the past.

How To Disease-Proof Your Body

By simply making the switch from Satan’s Alternative Diet (SAD Diet) to God’s Original Diet (GOD Diet), a person can usually not only eliminate most current physical and psychological problems, but also disease-proof the body from most future physical and psychological breakdown. God had it right and man has it wrong! You can prove it to yourself by making the diet change for as little as 21 days. Most people who make the change for as little as 21 days will experience significant improvement in their health, weight loss, increase in energy, along with improvement in brain function, and more. My dear friends, you can’t run the human body on the wrong fuel any more than you can run your car on wrong fuel if you want it to run right. I changed the fuel I was nourishing my body with over 36 years ago at the age of 42 and all pinging and knocking ceased. I haven’t experienced as much as a cold since that change. And I’m now nearing my 80th birthday.

Fearfully And Wonderfully Made

The Bible tells us in Psalm 139:14 that we are “Fearfully and wonderfully made.” Truer words were never spoken! The human body is a fantastic God created biological machine that has the ability to do things that are almost unbelievable when properly nourished. When properly nourished, the human physical body can regenerate and heal itself of almost every physical and even psychological problem. All healing is self-healing and comes from within when the body is provided with the building materials needed to accomplish this healing. I believe that with proper diet and lifestyle we can potentially achieve the life expectancy God told us was achievable in Genesis 6:3, of “120 years”, and in excellent health. I believe that with a return to God’s Genesis 1:29 diet we can access untapped possibilities of health and longevity that few people ever believed could be achieved. As we conclude this Health Tip, I hope that what I have said will inspire the reader to take back control of their own health and life. When I made this diet and lifestyle change in 1976, I did not find it difficult at all. I just made up my mind that this was what I wanted to do for my health and asked the Lord to help me, and He did. All a person has to do is accept the challenge and participate in their own healing. But it takes knowledge, the knowledge I have shared with you in this Health Tip. By applying this knowledge, most will be able to experience a true sense of well being along with a clear mind and a vibrancy that they may not have experienced since a child. My hope and prayer is that you will at least give this diet and lifestyle a 21 day opportunity to prove itself in your body. Once you have gotten a taste of the health and vibrancy that comes with this diet and lifestyle change, you will not only want to continue it the rest of your life, but share this knowledge with not only your loved ones but with everyone you come in contact with. Knowing what this diet and lifestyle change can do for others is what drives me to keep proclaiming the Hallelujah Acres health message many years after most people retire. My heart goes out especially to my brothers and sisters in Christ whom I see suffering so needlessly because they are consuming Satan’s Alternative Diet (SAD Diet) rather than God’s Original (GOD Diet). Next week the good Lord willing and if the creeks don’t rise too high, we will tackle “Satan’s Health Care” plan and share what makes it so dangerous to our health (and expensive to our pocketbooks). I trust you will join us next week!

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