Warmest Christmas Greetings

Warmest Christmas Greetings

christmasAt this very special time of the year when we all bow our heads to the one who came in such a non-assuming way by way of a manger in the form of an innocent baby, let us all remember how that new life that was breathed into this man changed the world. His very life was all that we needed to be saved from all of the sin and corruption this world holds. Unfortunately, He had to breathe His last breath for us to gain that salvation He wants for us all. Enjoy this moment with Him. Enjoy this week with your friends and your family. Time can be our most precious possession but it can slip away so quickly you never even noticed. Give your loved ones a big hug and let them know how much they mean to you. This is the time when all hurts, all offenses, all is forgiven. The miracles of Christmas abound and we want to keep them coming every day. Friends, we can! All we need to do is praise the one who creates those miracles! All He wants is you. Rhonda and I give Him thanks for the wonderful gifts He has given us in the form of each of you. Your attentiveness and your prayers have been such a treasure and know that you are always in our prayers as well. May you each be blessed with the peace and joy of the season so you can spread it to each of your loved ones so the gatherings will feel so much more special and the time will feel as if it stood still, if only but a moment. We look forward to greeting you in the New Year. George and Rhonda Malkmus

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