Virginia Seminars and Health Minister Training

Virginia Seminars and Health Minister Training

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This week we have God’s Way to Ultimate Health seminars scheduled in Lynchburg, Gloucester and Richmond, Virginia. If you live near any of these scheduled seminars we trust you will make plans to attend and to bring a friend or loved one. For time and locations of these seminars call 800-915-9355 or click the cities above. After this trip, we will be off the road until January 2011, when a speaking tour of the Southeast is being planned. Paul and Ann Malkmus report a very successful Health Minister training in Chicago, Illinois. They now head for Toronto, Canada where they will conduct another Health Minister training September 29-October 1 with Judy Fleming, who oversees the Hallelujah Acres Canada operation. Final Health Minister training for 2010 will be at Hallelujah Acres International Headquarters starting November 10. Over 10,000 individuals have now graduated from our Health Minister training program since that first training in August 1994 in Rogersville, Tennessee. These trained Health Ministers are now located in every state in the United States as well as 48 foreign countries.

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  • Canada Customer Service: 866-478-2224
  • U.S. Customer Service: 800-915-9355

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