Vaccinations Cause Autism

Vaccinations Cause Autism

For years, I have been proclaiming that the autism epidemic we have been experiencing in recent years had something to do with the (MMR) vaccinations they were giving to the children. Now comes this article by Dr. Blaylock in the October 2014 issue of The Blaylock Wellness Report that confirms what I have been saying all this time: "Dr. Andrew Wakefield has been maligned by the medical profession, especially by pediatricians, who slandered his name and have ruined his reputation with false accusations of impropriety in conducting medical research on measles, mumps, rubella, (MMR) vaccine. Before this attack on his reputation, Dr. Wakefield was a highly regarded medical researcher. Unfortunately, he made the mistake of daring to suggest – and that is all his article did – that the MMR vaccine may be linked in some way to the risk of autism, especially when given soon after birth. His research was impeccable, his study design was carefully performed, and he followed to the letter all of the procedures required by the guardians of medical experimentation. This has been proven in a court of law. After his article was published he was attacked by a number of British medical review organizations as well as the news media (always the handmaidens of the vaccine manufacturers). In addition, his article was forcibly removed from the medical literature despite being co-authored by one of the leading pediatric gastroenterology pathologists in the world. In an attempt to drive in the final nail, in 2002 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) commissioned a “study” to look at the possibility that the MMR vaccine might be related to the risk of autism if given too early in a child’s life. Not unexpectedly, the authors of the new study reported that they found no link between the vaccine and autism. They published the results of this altered study in 2004. But it turns out that one of the co-authors of the CDC paper, Dr. Bill Thompson, developed a conscience and has now blown the whistle on the phony CDC study. He stated that the authors of the paper removed all the data that clearly showed a link to autism, and that he was ashamed that he took part in this government subterfuge. Furthermore, Dr. Thompson stated that it was pressure from “higher-ups” that drove this fraudulent paper. After receiving the real data from the study, Dr. Brian Hooker published the true findings in the journal “Translational Neruodegeneration.”

The report confirms that the MMR vaccine given early in a child’s life dramatically increases the risk of autism.

Once the data was recovered, it clearly demonstrated not only that giving the MMR vaccine following the mandated schedule dramatically increased the risk of a child developing autism, but even worse that the risk of behavioral decline was twice as high in black children as white. This probably occurs because black children have much lower vitamin D3 levels than white children. There is excellent scientific evidence explaining why these vaccines would cause disorders such as autism. I have written a number of papers in scientific journals explaining the mechanism. But don’t hold your breath waiting to see this critical story in your local newspaper or on television. And certainly don’t look for an apology from those who maligned Dr. Wakefield. Furthermore, I would not expect a single perpetrator of this CDC fraud to face criminal punishment. The hundreds of thousands of children ruined by this vaccine and their parents will receive no apology and the vaccine schedule will not change."

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