Update: Hallelujah Acres Nigeria

Update: Hallelujah Acres Nigeria

Paul and Ann Malkmus have been ministering “health” in Nigeria for two weeks now, and their reception by the Nigerian people and its political and religious leaders has been nothing short of outstanding! What began with radio interviews to television appearances has expanded to include speaking engagements at a national health conference, a women's conference, and even Health Minister Trainings at various points in between — and it's just the beginning! Soon, Paul and Ann will be helping to set up several Hallelujah Acres stores in Nigeria along with many more exciting developments. Here is some of the communication Paul has shared with Rev. Malkmus about the experience.
Paul and Ann Malkmus have been ministering “health” in Nigeria for two weeks now, and their reception by the Nigerian people and its political and religious leaders has been nothing short of outstanding! Below, in date order, I share some of the communications Paul has sent me regarding their experiences:
11/16/12 We arrived last night in Abuja. It was late when we finally got here. Today, we got up early and had a radio interview. Tonight, we have a meeting with health ministers. Tomorrow, we will be going to several large, network TV stations for interviews. They are like our ABC and NBC networks. Sunday we preach at a 7:00 and 10:00 morning services. On Sunday night, we will be meeting government dignitaries. On Monday we have an all day Health Conference that is being televised. I will be the keynote speaker. Tuesday through Thursday is our Health Minister Training and on Friday we hit the road to repeat all of this in another city.
11/18/12 Arrived Thursday evening in Abuja. Friday morning had about a 30-minute interview on Love FM, a radio station covering Abuja, Nigeria. Saturday morning had a TV interview on AM Express. This is a national program somewhat similar to Good Morning America. The interview was about 15 minutes. Sunday we were able to speak at both the 7:00 am and 10:00 am services at St. Matthews Anglican Church in Abuja. This was the smallest of all of the church venues while we are here with about 200 people in each service. Today we speak at the National Health Conference in just a few hours.
11/19/12 We’re sitting in the middle of an incredible conference. You should be proud of the work you have done in sharing the health message around the world. Politicians and doctors are presenting one after another "fully" endorsing The Hallelujah Diet. This experience would bring tears to your eyes. This meeting room is packed with people and they are still coming in but we are sure there are between 500 and 700. The crowd just keeps coming. Absolutely awesome!
11/25/12 Greetings from Port Harcourt Nigeria! Yesterday (Thursday) we completed Health Minister Training in Abuja. Many people were touched and the message is spreading throughout Nigeria. We flew this morning to Port Harcourt where we will spend the next week and a half. It's 7:00 pm Friday evening and we just finished speaking to a women's conference. We finish up the conference by speaking to them again at 8:00 am tomorrow. Then Sunday we speak at a local church, Monday radio interview, Tuesday another health conference like last week, then start Health Minister Training again on Wednesday. Promises to be another busy week! You would love listening to the radio here. The Hallelujah Diet is said so often as they are promoting the different events and venues. It’s just amazing how many times we hear it discussed as the radios are always on in every car. As we're typing this, another ad for The Hallelujah Diet just came on again. The coverage has been outstanding. The fruit here has been wonderful, especially the fresh avocados and pineapples.
11/26/12 We're sitting in the government building waiting to meet with the governor (and his wife) of the Delta River State. This is the most powerful governor in Nigeria who is like the chairman of all the other governors. He is supposed to introduce us at tomorrow's health conference. We've also done a radio and TV interview this morning. Later this afternoon we're to meet with one of the leading bishops. He, too, will be endorsing us tomorrow. It was great talking with you the other evening. Trust all is well.
In phone conversation we learned that they had 106 graduates from Health Ministers training in Port Harcourt! Lord willing, I will update you again in next week’s Health Tip!

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