Tremendous Weekend At Hallelujah Acres

Tremendous Weekend At Hallelujah Acres

Record attendance at culinary classes, powerful testimonies of healing, and life-changing information! Plus, our next Health Minister Training is this week!
On Friday evening, November 5, Rhonda had a new record in attendance at her monthly Culinary Class presentation! Normal monthly attendance is between 20 and 30, but this month she had a record 61. In next week’s Health Tip (just in time for Thanksgiving) she will share one of the favorite dishes she prepared that evening... Raw Cranberry Fruit Salad. Rev Malkmus’ First Saturday-of-the-month, God’s Way to Ultimate Health seminar drew a crowd of about 250 coming from 14 states in the United States as well as a lady from Israel and several people from Canada. The testimonies shared by those in attendance were outstanding! Several reported cancer disappearing while an insulin-dependent diabetic with a blood sugar reading of over 400 saw it drop to 100 after only a few months on the Hallelujah Diet! Many others shared weight loss testimonies (including one report of more than 100 pounds) in addition to physical and even psychological problems simply disappearing after the diet change. Paul and Ann’s Where Do I Go From Here? class drew a crowd of over 45 who learned how to practically apply the principles in Rev. Malkmus seminar. Next big weekend here at Hallelujah Acres, featuring each of the above events, will take place on Friday and Saturday, December 3 and 4. Mark these events on your calendar and invite family and friends to join you! 2-Day Workshop and Health Minister Training This Week Rev. Malkmus hosts his 2-Day Workshop on Monday and Tuesday this week (November 8-9), using his most recent book The Hallelujah Diet as the textbook. Approximately 50 are registered for this two-day event. Wednesday through Friday, approximately 80 people have registered for our 64th Health Minister Training. Upon graduation on Friday, they will join more than 10,000 Health Ministers who are already ministering in every state in the United States as well as 48 foreign countries. Next 2-Day Workshop and Health Minister Trainings are scheduled for March 2011.

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