Treatment Torture or Perfect Peace?

Treatment Torture or Perfect Peace?

If you had only a short while to live, would you want to suffer treatments with no hope? "Bud" chose health instead and lived a much longer and fulfilling life.
Week after week we share incredible testimonies of the positive physical and psychological results people from around the world have experienced after adopting The Hallelujah Diet. But do all who adopt the Hallelujah Diet fully recover? Not always! Here’s one that didn’t — but please note that their quality of life remained high and length of life was extended.
“On October 11, 2011 at about 6:15 p.m. my husband Bud departed this world for his heavenly home and is now gazing lovingly into the eyes of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Four years ago he was diagnosed with prostate cancer that had metastasized. The doctors said it was caused by exposure to Agent Orange many years ago. When first diagnosed, it was already at stage four. But Bud refused to go the traditional medical route for this cancer, choosing rather to adopt The Hallelujah Diet with supporting herbs. As a result of choosing this alternative, he never had any pain directly linked to the cancer, never lost his hair or had those horrible vomiting bouts most who go the traditional medical route for their cancers experience. This past February he started bleeding everywhere and was sent home from the hospital with the doctors telling us he had only days or weeks to live – they had given him a ‘death sentence’. Yet, up until just one day short of eight months later, everyone marveled that he was still alive. Before he died he had made three wishes:
  1. Live to see his 80th birthday.
  2. Live long enough for us to celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary together.
  3. Live long enough to have assurance that our daughter-in-law would someday meet him in heaven.
On the morning he died, after all three of these wishes had been fulfilled, he told me he wanted to go home and I assured him he would go home just as soon as the Lord was ready to receive him. Moments later he died with his arms clasped tightly around my neck trying to help me get him from his wheel chair to the recliner. I am so glad Bud chose the Hallelujah Way over the traditional medical way in dealing with his cancer because he remained strong, seldom having need of his wheelchair until the last two weeks and then only when he wanted to go places. Up until the day before he died he was still able, with the help of his walker, to walk to the bathroom. Yes, he absolutely enjoyed a better quality of life right up until the end and he constantly reaffirmed that he had made the right choice by refusing the medical route. Sadly, so many of those who choose the medical route die in pain after months or sometimes years of medical torture. I’m so glad Bud didn’t have to experience that medical torture. Today, as I write this, I have perfect peace knowing I will see Bud again when I join him in heaven some sweet day.” Health Minister Anita W., New Market, Tennessee
“Twenty-eight years ago my father died following a bout with colon cancer. His meal-of-choice was always meat and potatoes. Because the medical treatments were failing him, we attempted to learn about macrobiotics to save him, but he was unable to process those foods and he died. I am sure he is pleased that I have circumvented experiencing the same demise by stopping the consumption of all meat and dairy. Instead I satisfy my mouth with good things like BarleyMax, juicing, fresh raw fruits and vegetables, along with cooked legumes and whole grains. My husband has also adopted The Hallelujah Diet and as a result no longer has diabetes. He began to see improvements in his diabetic condition within two weeks after he stopped consuming animal flesh and dairy and adopting a vegan diet.” Crystal T.
“Rev. Malkmus, We always enjoy your first Saturday-of-the-month ‘God’s Way to Ultimate Health’ seminars at Hallelujah Acres. Since we moved to Shelby from Iowa two years ago to live in the Villages of Hallelujah Acres, we rarely miss attending these first Saturday seminars. There is such an uplifting feeling in attending them, listening to the wonderful testimonies of healing, and we so appreciate the industriousness of both you and Rhonda. What amazes me is why everyone is not on The Hallelujah Diet! The recipes are so delicious. Both Gene and I have been on The Hallelujah Diet for 11 years now and have experienced so many improvements in our health. Gene is now 87 years old, no longer has any physical problems, and no longer takes any pharmaceutical drugs.” Health Ministers Gene and Betsy, Shelby, North Carolina
NOTE: Our next first Saturday of the month, “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” seminar is scheduled for Saturday, December 3, right here at Hallelujah Acres in Shelby, North Carolina. Join us!

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