"This plan works"

"This plan works"

From kidney failure and ovarian caner to weight loss, people all over the world are testifying "this plan works!"
How sad it is that we hear almost daily of those with failing health — yet how exciting to read of all the improvements others are experiencing in their health as a result of simply changing their diet and lifestyle!
“The Hallelujah Diet has contributed to the healing of our family’s ill health. By following this plan we lost a combined total of 27 pounds in just 10 days, got off 6 of the 7 prescription meds we had been taking for the previous six years, and felt better than ever. This all happened eight years ago. I would recommend this plan to everyone who wants to be well and live in vibrant health. It is a challenge but worth every bit of it. If you take time to be healthy now you won’t have to make time to be sick later. This plan works. Even if you only follow it partially you’ll feel better than you did before, so I encourage you to give it a go and see where it takes you on your journey to vibrant health.” Wendy B. “The Hallelujah Diet was recommended to me by a medical doctor with internal medicine and endocrinology degrees from Mayo. I was in kidney failure and my kidney function since making the diet change has improved from 15% to 32%. I was told by my nephrologist that this type of improvement just doesn’t normally happen but he had ten of us on The Hallelujah Diet and all had similar improvement in kidney function." Gary
“When I adopted The Hallelujah Diet six years ago I lost 40 pounds and felt like a 25-year-old (I’m a senior citizen). Sadly I went off of it while caring for my dad and all the weight plus came back and I now feel tired most of the time. I know that it works and am trying to get back on it. When I originally made the diet change my friends and family were amazed at what this plan had done for my health, looks and attitude. Hopefully I can gradually return with consistent prayer for a boost of strength, thought, planning, and will power.” SKJ
“Three years ago, after my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and refused further treatments after surgery, a family friend persuaded us to adopt The Hallelujah Diet and it has changed our lives. I became a vegetarian many years before hearing about this Hallelujah Diet so adjusting to it wasn’t hard for me. My mother has closely followed this diet and her cancer has not returned. The doctor told her that without further treatment after the surgery (which she refused) she would be dead in two years but that hasn’t proven to be true. ‘Thank you Lord for showing us this lifestyle." Ashley
“Since adopting The Hallelujah Diet I have never felt better in my whole life. I have been on the diet for just eight weeks and feel like a new person. Amazingly, I no longer crave sweets; and love my veggies and vegetable juices. The Lord sure was with me when I found this diet purely by accident. Thank you for a rewarding experience.” Gloria
“I have found complete freedom from my weight troubles using The Hallelujah Diet. Before the diet and lifestyle change I lived in constant condemnation concerning everything I ate. Now I live a full and joyous life.” Karone
“We really enjoyed the seminar at Hallelujah Acres this past Labor Day weekend, watching Rhonda on Friday evening, listening to George on Saturday, and enjoying the different recipes of Paul and Ann Saturday afternoon. It was a fantastic weekend. I am so thankful we live so close to Hallelujah Acres and we are looking forward to being with you once again on the first Hallelujah Weekend in October and hopefully bringing my mother with us.” Elizabeth E., Gastonia, North Carolina
EDITORS NOTE: Our next Hallelujah Weekend is scheduled for Friday, September 30 and Saturday October 1 right here at Hallelujah Acres in Shelby, North Carolina. If you haven’t already attended this fantastic weekend and experienced what Elizabeth and her family experienced last month, why not begin making plans to attend right now. And do invite a friend. A large number of people in attendance are here because someone had previously attended and want that friend to have the same exciting and life changing experience they had when they attended.

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