Theme Park "Survival"

Survival Bars 20% OffIf you're traveling with family this summer, today's post is for you — Especially if you're headed to a theme park! Theme parks are the world headquarters of the Standard American Diet (SAD) — you may want to plan a little more so you don't ruin the results you've achieved on The Hallelujah Diet. We asked Scott Laird, a member of our marketing team (and father of a 13-year-old and 9-year-old) to share what he and his family learned about being on The Hallelujah Diet when they visited a Florida theme park two summers ago. Here's what he told us:
  • Plan each meal of your entire trip before you leave so that you won't give into the spur-of-the-moment temptation of theme park junk food.
  • Choose a hotel room with a kitchen if you can; our family made it work with a standard room with a mini-fridge (it was cumbersome, but it worked).
  • Choose hotels with a free hot breakfast, not because you'll eat the SAD breakfast items, but because these hotels have the best variety of breakfast fruit.
  • For breakfasts, pack Ezekiel Bread or gluten-free bread to toast in the hotel's breakfast area toaster, Earth Balance or coconut oil instead of butter, and bring some almond butter, rolled oats (use hot water intended for tea in the breakfast area) and almond milk.
  • Give each family member two servings of BarleyMax before you head out for the day (it's the only chance you'll get). The easiest way is to make a funnel out of a piece of paper and pour it into bottled water.
  • Bring lots of healthy snacks in a backpack for morning and noon at the theme park (Disney parks allow outside food), then pack one mid-afternoon meal (including a large salad) for lunch/supper in a cooler (keep in your car). Or choose a healthy restaurant or one with a big, healthy salad bar like Golden Corral, for example.
  • Buy one 6-pack of bottled water (with sport bottle-style flip top) and refill with distilled water and Hallelujah Acres’ WaterMax supplement.
  • If you can't find healthy options inside the theme park, ask for a vegetarian option (it's often not on the menu). Some theme park restaurants have a "fixings bar" for burgers - use it like a salad bar to complement your vegetarian burger!
But the most important thing to remember, Scott says, is to pack Hallelujah Acres Survival Bars! If you're too busy riding the attractions (or standing in line) to break for a meal, Survival Bars are the answer. With 300 calories in each bar, no junk ingredients, and a ton of balanced nutrition with great flavor, they're the best tasting meal you can pack in your pocket! (Click on the Survival Bar ad above and get 20% off right now!) Scott says that even if you're not planing on replacing a meal with Survival Bars, they're great to have on hand in case things change throughout the day — and at a theme park, it's more than likely! Click here for more vegan vacation tips! What's your best summer travel tip? Scroll below the related articles to comment!

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