The Nigerian Connection

The Nigerian Connection

Pastor Gloria Emmanuel of Jos, Nigeria discovered The Hallelujah Diet after not wanting to "deprive" herself of fashionable, Western food. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000 and told she only had a few months to live. After declaring, "I will not die; I will live," she went on a mission to save her own life, adopted The Hallelujah Diet, and succeeded! She now runs a wellness center to help others do the same. Hallelujah Acres interviewed Pastor Gloria recently to find out more about her story. Here is what she had to say...
Hallelujah Acres: How did your journey to ultimate health begin? Pastor Gloria: In 2000, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in a London hospital and was given a few months to live. But I looked up at the doctor and I said to him, “No, I will not die. I will live.” He was amazed that I spoke so confidently. I didn’t know what I was going to do, I didn’t know about The Hallelujah Diet. I just knew that the Lord would take care of me somehow. So I left London and went back home (Nigeria) and my pastor gave me a book written by Rev. Malkmus, “God’s Way To Ultimate Health.” That book became my second bible. The Holy Bible was my first Bible, and God’s Way To Ultimate Health became my second bible. I was devoted to every bit of information in that book. I was praying on the Word of God and doing whatever Rev. Malkmus’ book said to do. I was on The Hallelujah Diet and did not eat any cooked food and in 6 months I was completely healed. When I went back to the doctor he gave me a clean bill of health. I thank God for Rev. Malkmus and what he is sharing with the world because it saved my life and the lives of many others because, through me, many others have come to know about The Hallelujah Diet in Nigeria. Hallelujah Acres: What led you to help others help themselves, as you did? Pastor Gloria: While I was going through my healing, I wrote a book about the experience. People began to read my book and to read Rev. Malkmus’ book and to look for me and to call me. I began to host people in my house, at least three at a time, and I would help them for free. I didn’t want to take money from people. They would buy Hallelujah Acres products from me, but to stay in my house was free. After a while, the Lord urged me to set up a wellness center for this kind of thing. So I set up the Shekinah Wellness and Fitness Center in Jos, Nigeria. We are in the Plateau State, which is a very beautiful place. It’s a wonderful, temperate climate, so all of the vegetables that can be grown in the southern United States I can grow in Jos. About 80% of the vegetables, like the carrots and celery I can grow right outside the center. The center has been open for about 5 or 6 years now and we are doing great. Because there are a lot of farms around Jos, I buy most of the produce from the local farmers market on Tuesday and Thursday, but I also have the little garden at the center where I grow my vegetables and my spices. I am able to grow all of my own spices at the center. Hallelujah Acres: Have many people have come to your center? Pastor Gloria: I have a lot of people coming to the center, so I have to make sure they come in groups. It’s easier to handle that way. I have groups of about 8 or 9 at a time. Before, we had three guest rooms and now we have just expanded several more rooms so we can accommodate many more people at one time. We have, on average, about 6 or 7 people every day. Sometimes we have a group of 10 coming in at the same time. We also have a conference once a year at the beginning of December because people tend to eat like crazy at Christmas. We want to prepare them for this time of year and let them know that they don’t have to eat badly. Last year, at our conference called A Body Fit For The Master’s Use, we had TV crews from all of the local TV stations. It was wonderful! Hallelujah Acres: What are the typical health issues in Nigeria? Pastor Gloria: The rates of cancer in my country have become alarming. It’s the same as in America — everyone is sick! So, I have resolved to preach this message for as long as I can to my church, to other local churches, and to everywhere else that I am invited, which has been most parts of Nigeria. Hallelujah Acres: What do you think is the primary problem that is making everyone sick? Pastor Gloria: Western food is the problem in Nigeria, just as it is in America. In Nigeria, it’s a symbol of affluence to eat a Western diet. And that’s exactly what I was doing. When I was living in England I did not eat like I did back in Nigeria. But I was a young girl and thought that I was living a good life; I did not want to deprive myself of enjoying life. But I paid for it by getting cancer. Hallelujah Acres: So, cancer is the main problem that you see at your center? Pastor Gloria: Every day in Nigeria I get at least four or five phone calls from people who have breast cancer; that is the most common type of cancer. For the men, prostate cancer is very common. And colon cancer is really bad, it’s plaguing our nation right now. If we in Nigeria had continued eating our farmed food and local diets, I don’t think we would have the rates of cancer that we have now. But that changed ever since we have had the ease of traveling to other countries. Now, it’s a big thing for Nigerians to be able to come to America or Europe; as a people, Nigerians love to travel. When we come back, we want to continue the Western diet, and that’s why we’re sick. Hallelujah Acres: How does The Hallelujah Diet in Nigeria differ from that in America? Pastor Gloria: When we make foods for The Hallelujah Diet, we have to make some substitutions. We can grow a lot of the same vegetables that are grown in America, but it’s a little bit different. For example, breakfast on The Hallelujah Diet in Nigeria is the same as in America. We have our BarleyMax and fresh vegetable juice along with a banana or apple. Then, for us, lunch is a big deal. I am able to use some of Rhonda Malkmus’ recipes for bigger meals and substitute a few things. We have some of the same challenges; for example, we have to teach people to choose local, brown rice instead of white rice. And we replace a lot of the almonds in recipes with sesame seeds because they are readily available. But really, The Hallelujah Diet is not that different than in America except that our biggest meal of the day is lunch instead of the evening meal. Hallelujah Acres: What are the typical ages of people coming to see you? Pastor Gloria: We get people of all ages coming to our center. We had a young 11-year-old boy come in with leukemia, we have middle age and older people come in, too. We start them on a 3-day cleansing and sometimes I will do a 7-day program depending on how serious their condition is. I had a client who stayed with me for 25 days during which she saw her own cancer shrink and she couldn’t believe it! I also have a doctor on my board of directors who works with me and she has seen some amazing results. I have seen people with cancer, people with diabetes, and all kinds of ailments. We have also had people with HIV/AIDS and have seen them improve greatly. For example, some people with AIDS come in with blisters in their mouth and by the time they leave the blisters are all gone and they go back home and continue because of what they have experienced. Hallelujah Acres: What do you think is the most important aspect of what you do at your center? Pastor Gloria: I always make sure to lead my clients to the Word of God. It is very, very important because it is life! The Hallelujah Diet comes straight from the Word of God, and that’s why it works in every part of the world. It is diet that the Creator has given to us, so it doesn’t matter whether you are black or white, no matter where you live. The same diet is applicable to all of us. Hallelujah Acres: What advice would you give to others around the world concerning The Hallelujah Diet? Pastor Gloria: You are what you eat — and that is why The Hallelujah Diet works everywhere. If it can work in Nigeria for me, it can work anywhere in the world because the dietary principles are the same. If you eat healthy, you will be healthy. If you put junk into your body, you will have a miserable life. Anyone can adapt The Hallelujah Diet to their own circumstances. You just have to figure out which foods suit The Hallelujah Diet in your own country, and if you can do that, I am sure it will work for anyone. Hallelujah Acres: Is there anything else you'd like to add? Pastor Gloria: People also need to understand that, even on The Hallelujah Diet, you need to take supplements also. For every food I eat, I take Digestive Enzymes. You can’t say that because you are eating healthy you don’t need supplements. And now that Hallelujah Acres is in Nigeria, having the supplements will be much easier!
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