The Message Is Taking Hold!

The Message Is Taking Hold!

From Hawaii to Australia and even in Israel it's all the same — churches are contributing to ill health! Here's what some are doing to help reverse the trend.
The response to the past two Health Tips titled “How Churches Promote Ill Health” and “How Prayer Can Hinder the Health of God’s People” have been so encouraging! People are beginning to understand that the way Christians and churches have been dealing with physical problems in the past needs to be reevaluated as these letters reveal:
“Dear Rev. Malkmus, Thank you for last week’s Health Tip titled ‘How Prayer Can Hinder the Health of God’s People.’ Several years ago when I got sick, I did not like what the doctor was telling me I needed to do to get well. So after praying for God to heal me, I asked God to show me what I needed to do to get well. In answer to that prayer He sent a friend who encouraged me to adopt The Hallelujah Diet. I changed my diet and that change saved my life! A funny side-note: In my prayer to God I told Him that I would ‘eat dirt’ if it would help me get well. Interestingly, He didn’t have me eat dirt, but he did send someone who encouraged me to eat the living plants that grew in the dirt. Thank you for your ministry. What you teach not only brought healing to my body but is also helping so many others.” Bonnie
“Rev. Malkmus, I love your recent articles titled ‘How Churches Promote Ill Health’ and How Prayer Can Hinder the Healing of God’s People’. I so agree with you. A year ago I requested our pastor bring a message to the church promoting good health through diet change. I am still waiting for that message. Pastors fail to realize the influence they have on their members when they make light of the garbage they and the church people are eating and fail to direct the people to biblical nutrition that promotes good health. It is sad but only so true that pastors are promoting ill health in the church. I love your Health Tip articles and look forward to reading all the information you share each week from God’s Word.” Debora J.
“Dear Brother George, Harry and I were discussing our frustrations in trying to bring The Hallelujah Diet to people in our church and seeing them choose ill health rather than change what they eat. This brought the Scripture in I John to mind where the Bible says ‘there is a sin unto death’. How can we pray for the healing of God’s people when they are knowingly destroying their bodies by what they are eating? We watch people constantly going forward in the church requesting prayer for healing and then in response to those prayers refuse to follow The Hallelujah Diet that will bring them the healing they are asking God for. So often when encouraged to make the diet change they respond that doing so is ‘too hard.’ So Harry responds when they say that with these words: ‘Isn’t going to a doctor and dying harder?’ We then watch these same people go through such terrible trauma at the hands of the doctors because they refuse to change their diet. In comparison to the suffering they go through doing what the doctor has them do, how can they continue to say making a diet change is ‘too hard.’ Just wanted to share my thoughts! Blessings to you, Rhonda, and everyone at Hallelujah Acres!” Health Ministers Cindy and Harry W.
I hate the prayer sheets they pass around our church every Wednesday night enumerating all the physical problems being experienced by the people in our church. We spend much more time talking about the different diseases, the medical treatments they are receiving, and praying for people’s healing than we do talking about the Lord and praying for the lost.” Sheilah
“Thank you Rev. George. What you say is so true but I wish more people would hear what you are saying. We had dinner at church last Sunday and they served all that fattening food. We need to all start taking responsibility for our actions including me. I need to get back on The Hallelujah Diet on which in just one month I lost weight and felt so good, but then I went back to the SAD diet and got sick again. Please pray for me to have accountability for my actions.” Michelle O.
“Sir, it was very pleasing to read those positive comments in your Health Tip regarding how diet affects our health. I have told people that if I come upon you and find you with a smashed and bloody thumb, I will stop and help to relieve your pain – but if I witness you taking up your hammer and hitting your thumb again, you have disrespected my time and heartfelt concern. God calls us to repent of our former conduct and that most certainly encompasses our diet. In Israel, the doctors have gone on strike at least four times in my lifetime, and every single time they have gone on strike the death rate drops upwards of 50%. This has happened in every city with the exception of Netanya. This is the only Israeli city where the doctors have a ‘no-strike clause in their contracts – and that is the only city where death rates stay high during a doctor strike. The funeral industry in Israel has such a low margin of profit that during a doctor’s strike, some go out of business. A search of the root word of 'pharmaceutical’, shows it comes from the Greek word ‘pharmakeia’, meaning ‘poisoner’. The word is used three times in scripture and clearly shows in Revelation 18:23 that God doesn’t just take a dim view of us using pharmaceuticals (drugs), but rather pours out His wrath on those who use them. If that isn’t incentive enough for a person to change their diet and stop using those pharmaceuticals, I don’t know what is.” Don S., Israel
“Dear Rev. Malkmus, I am so grateful that your articles are making this information available to the churches. In many quarters, churches are not held in very high esteem because the church shows no respect for the foods God told us we should eat in Genesis 1:29, and how this lack of respect is contributing to ill health. Yes, churches are contributing to people’s ill health! My parents and my mother’s two sisters were all church attending, loyal Christians, and the churches they attended unfortunately contributed to their ill health. They prayed for restoration of their health, but no one ever told them of the dangers of refined sugar, cow milk, meat and white flour, and that these were the cause of their ill health. In fact the church was promoting these disease causing substances right in the churches they attended. Mum died of bowel cancer and dad of heart disease at age 54 while on the operating table for a triple heart by-pass. My oldest brother had to have a stent installed because of a clogged artery. As for me, I lost all respect for the church when I learned about God’s Genesis 1:29 diet, adopted that diet, and got well after prayers had failed to bring healing to my body. I’m sorry, but I can no longer respect the church that as you say ‘nurtures the soul and spirit while having total disrespect for the body’ by failing to warn people of the dangers of eating animal products, refined sugar and white flour products. Thank you once again for your inspiring messages. I have been following The Hallelujah Diet for over 10 years now and it has brought me superior health.” Toni K., Australia
“Hi George, I know you’ve felt it – ‘FRUSTRATION!’ Frustration – because people just couldn’t seem to hear your message. Sometimes I feel that too. Here we are in a world of sick people who need good nutrition. We KNOW we have the important information they need so desperately to help them get well and stay well, if they would only LISTEN (hear) what we have to say and TAKE ACTION. I too am on a mission to bring this knowledge to the people and I am so glad we are aligned on this.” Dr. Jana B., Hawaii

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