The Marketing of Madness - Are We All Insane?

The Marketing of Madness - Are We All Insane?

Are psychiatric drugs really necessary? Do they help? Is it just all about money? Rev. Malkmus reviews a fascinating documentary that discusses why there's no money in "normal."
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The Marketing of Madness is a documentary on the psychiatric drug industry. It contains the real story of the high income partnership between psychiatry and drug companies that has created an $80 billion psychotropic drug profit bonanza. How valid are psychiatrists’ diagnoses and how safe are their drugs? This three-part documentary digs deep beneath the veneer and exposes the truth behind slick marketing schemes and scientific deceit that conceals dangerous and often deadly sales campaigns. Things You Will Learn
  • The side of effects of these drugs may actually make ‘mental illness’ worse.
  • Psychiatric drugs can induce aggression or depression (Note: In every school shooting from Columbine to Virginia Tech, the person who pulled the trigger was on these drugs.)
  • Some psychotropic drugs prescribed to children are more addictive than cocaine.
  • Psychiatric diagnoses appear to be based on dubious science. Of the 297 mental disorders contained within the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, none can be objectively measured by pathological tests. Mental illness symptoms within this manual are arbitrarily assigned by a subjective voting system in a psychiatric panel.
  • It is estimated that 100 million people globally use psychotropic drugs.
Marketing Madness The Marketing of Madnessexposes the real insanity in our psychiatric ‘health care’ system: profit-driven drug marketing at the expense of the mental and physical health of the patients. The film plunges into an industry corrupted by corporate greed and delivers a shocking warning from courageous experts who value public health over dollars. It exposes psychiatry’s fraudulent diagnosis to further sell drugs to “normal” people because there is no money in “normal.” And it has worked! Psychiatrists and drug companies have created a profitable market making over $150,000 every single minute of every day. It’s a story of big money: drugs that fuel a $330 billion psychiatric industry without a single cure. The cost in human terms is even greater. These drugs kill an estimated 42,000 people every year and the death count keeps rising. Containing more than 175 interviews with lawyers, mental health experts, the families of victims, and the survivors themselves, this riveting documentary rips the mask off psychiatric drugging and exposes the brutal money-making machine. This high impact presentation, two years in the making, is this the most complete and devastating documentary of psychiatric abuse ever produced. Every person has the right to know the cold, hard facts about psychiatry and the threat it poses to both adults and children. This is a must-see documentary before anyone or their loved ones who are considering psychotropic drugs! And if you or someone you know is already on these drugs, please watch this documentary before further damage is done. “The Marketing of Madness” is now available online from Hallelujah Acres or by calling 800.915.9355.

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