The Key to Healing Breast Cancer

The Key to Healing Breast Cancer

Over 99% of people Sandra spoke with thought that The Hallelujah Diet was a hoax, but she tried it anyway at the Lifestyle Center in Branson — and says it was the key to healing her breast cancer! Here is Sandra's story in a letter she wrote to Jennifer Van Kirk, owner and operator at the Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center in Branson, Missouri...
"Thank you for transforming my life! DSC_7254Transforming my lifestyle to the Hallelujah Lifestyle has been the key to healing breast cancer for me this year. I am grateful to God and all of the people that He put in my path this year, and you are indeed one of them. Everything that has occurred in my life in the past while has been nothing short of an ongoing MIRACLE — the diagnosis, the treatment plan set before me, the questions that did not make sense, the search for God's answers, (listening to God was key). Then the people came along: Don and Jane Clair, Dr. Christi Bonds, Dr. Suzanne Taylor, Dr. H.K. Lin and his Frankincense protocol, Jennifer Van Kirk and the Hallelujah Lifestyle Center, and a whole bunch more Young Living associates, BioMat's Far-Infrared detoxification therapy, and it goes on and on. It was all part of God's wonderful, beautiful plan for me this year. Then I had thermography twice in 6 months — clean scans both times, meaning no indication of cancer! DSC_7327The funny thing is, I knew it before I received the results! I still know The Hallelujah Diet is the no-cheat lifestyle I want to live for the rest of my life because I don't have to worry about future health problems and "dis-ease" returning. It is so freeing! And was all part of the miracle. Thank you, Jennifer! What you do at The Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center there in Branson is special and changes lives and is part of God's healing plan for us! You share something special with not only the Lifestyle Center participants that you inspire and teach, but you and Aaron share of yourselves. I believe you are living your life's purpose as God intended. You taught me so much. Now that I know what I know, I can't "un-know" it and I now I am responsible to share what I know with others. Many of my family had fear for me and were not in agreement with my decisions on my health this year ... when I tell them my story over the phone they don't get it ... 99.9% won't get it and think it is a hoax." In gratitude and love, Sandra R. Granite City, IL

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