Free Information To Restore Health

Free Information To Restore Health

Bring the basics of The Hallelujah Diet to your family, friends, or Bible study group! This FREE, 12-week study explains a plant-based diet in easy-to-understand terms.
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Biblical Nutrition 101 is a FREE, 12-lesson course developed by Rev. George Malkmus that reveals food’s amazing power to both destroy and restore health. Biblical Nutrition 101 provides the information you need to restore health and allow your body to empower self-healing. Designed for individual or group study situations, each lesson is followed by a series of questions to answer and learn, while building upon lessons that preceded it. This course is ideal for:
  • Individual or family study at home
  • Home school curriculum
  • Sunday school classes
  • Sunday evening or Wednesday evening training sessions
  • As part of other group or organization gatherings
Course Case Study Thirty-two adult members of a church completed this course and adopted its teachings. As a result, the overall health of the group improved dramatically.
  • Total weight loss—over 700 pounds
  • One individual reported an 85-pound weight loss, elimination of gout and high blood pressure problems.
  • Another individual reported being able to rid themselves of 12 different medications.
  • A Type-1 diabetic lost 40-pounds and was able to reduce injected insulin from 120 to 30 units a day.
  • Almost all participants reported increased energy, the elimination of “mental fog”, and many other physical and emotional problems.
God placed the power in our hands to take control of our own health without the need of doctors or drugs. Learn, grow and improve your health and the health of your family with “Biblical Nutrition 101”. The course is offered without cost to all who have access to the internet. Download it now!

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