The Doctor Within

The Doctor Within

Our self-healing body is like an internal doctor that treats the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms! Here's how it works!
In last week’s Health Tip, we learned from Scriptures how God created our physical bodies and what He designed our physical bodies to be nourished with. As a result of failing to nourish our bodies according to God’s instructions we get sick. Today, most everybody we know is sick to varying degrees (this may even include you). We see everything from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acne, colds and the flu to diabetes, arthritis, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, obesity, and you name it. And how do we deal with these physical problems? Do not most turn to the world and the “world’s wisdom” system for help? Are you aware of what God has to say about the “world’s wisdom” system?
“The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.” (I Corinthians 1:19)
The “world’s wisdom” has given us the Standard American Diet (SAD) — which creates sickness! Then the world’s wisdom leads us to the symptom-treating modalities of modern medicine to "overcome" these physical problems. And where does all of this “world’s wisdom” get us? Continued sickness, debilitating diseases, an early grave and an empty bank account.

God Has Provided A Better Way

Yes, God has provided a better way than the world’s way with regards to how we nourish our bodies. Even after we have followed the world’s way and become sick, He provides a superior way to recover from these sicknesses. And what is that better way? God built self-healing into each of our bodies. As we learn ever more about this incredible physical "temple" God has provided each of us to dwell in during our earthly journey, how can we fail to exclaim words similar to those of the Psalmist in Psalm 139:14? “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Self-Healing Built In

But God did much more than just create us, He placed within each of our bodies a means for the body to heal itself of almost anything that goes wrong. I’ll begin to explain this phenomenon using a simple explanation most will be able to relate to – have you ever cut yourself? We all have.Now let’s pay close attention to what happens immediately after we cut ourselves. Note that there is nothing we needed to do in order for this healing to take place:
  • Immediately following the cut, the first thing we see is blood coming forth from that break in the skin. Blood is a natural antibiotic and cleanser of the wound. Then after the bleeding has stopped (if the cut is not in an artery) we see the blood start to coagulate, and then we see something very fascinating take place.
  • Right before our eyes we see a scab form. Where did that scab come from, and what is its purpose? When God created that original couple, Adam and Eve, He knew that we humans would on occasion cut ourselves.
  • So God placed within the genetic coding of mankind the means of closing the break in the skin and restoring the skin to its former protective abilities by causing a scab to form over the break in the skin in order to protect it from the elements while underneath that scab the body is feverishly working to close up the break in the skin by knitting the skin back together.
  • Then after the skin has been knit back together and the break closed, the scab instinctively knows enough to fall off and right there right before our eyes we behold the incredible self-healing ability of the body.
  • We see this same self-healing manifest when we break a bone – as the body literally knits the broken bone back together. Of course we have to sometimes align the bone to make sure it knits itself back in a proper position, but the point is that the body did the healing because of its built-in healing abilities placed there by God.
Now I want to share with you something that should thrill you – God not only built self-healing into the exterior of the body, but He also build self-healing into the interior of the body as well.

God Placed A Doctor Inside You

Just as the body has the ability to heal itself on the outside, God built into our physical bodies the ability to heal itself on the inside as well. But there are TWO prerequisites for healing: When we go to a medical doctor with a physical problem, most doctors have been taught in medical school to deal with the symptom and not with the cause. Sadly, dealing with the symptom will never eliminate the problem. Let me share a few examples:
  • Migraine – Go to a doctor complaining of a migraine headache and what will the doctor do? Will the doctor seek the cause of the migraine or prescribe a pain killing drug? Does the drug remove the cause of the migraine or does it merely temporarily relieve the pain? Which, incidentally, will return again and again and again until the cause is eliminated!
  • Arthritis – Go to a doctor complaining of joint pain and the doctor gives you a diagnosis of arthritis. Does the doctor try to find the cause or attempt to subdue it with a drug? Because the cause was not dealt with, the condition will usually worsen. Stronger and stronger medications will be needed as the condition continues to worsen.
  • Diabetes – The same approach is usually used when it comes to diabetes. When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, most doctors only deal with the symptom of high sugar readings by giving the patient insulin to control the situation, while making no effort to find the cause of the high sugar readings. Yet, most Type 2 diabetics, by simply eliminating the cause, can see their blood sugar readings normalize quite quickly and no longer have need of insulin.
  • Cancer – When a person is diagnosed with cancer, the doctor will usually treat it (the symptom) with a combination of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Sadly, all of these only deal with the symptom and not with the cause. The proof? Cancer in many instances returns and with a vengeance years later. The cause was simply not addressed.

Dealing With Symptoms Will Never Bring Healing

I could go on to show that almost every physical problem a person has (aside from accidental injury), is treated for the symptom only. No attempt is made to find the cause of the symptom. If we want to get well and stay well from the physical problems we experience, the very first thing we should try to determine is what caused the problem. If we want to eliminate a physical problem, we must do more than just cover up a symptom. We must find the CAUSE of the problem and eliminate it. Once the cause is determined and eliminated, the physical problem in most instances simply goes away. That is, unless, they entertain the CAUSE again. Sadly, most people do not realize that God has given us almost total control over physical problems as He expresses in Proverbs 26:2, The curse CAUSELESS shall not come.” In other words, if we do not entertain the CAUSE of a physical problem, the curse of that physical problem will not manifest. It was a thrilling day in my life 35 years ago when I realized that I could control my health by eliminating the causes of ill health. Once I learned that by eliminating the cause of physical problems I could eliminate sickness from my life, I dropped my health insurance policy. The result: over $150,000 saved. And I haven’t had a cold since making the diet and lifestyle change in 1976.

How To Kill The Doctor Inside

We destroy this internal doctor’s ability to heal us and keep us in health through improper diet and lifestyle. The Bible tells us in Galatians 6:7: “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”. This is an irrefutable law established by God. Deuteronomy 30:19 shows us how God dealt with the Israelites when it came to a life and death issue – He gave them choices. They could choose “life” or they could choose “death”. Well, when it comes to our health, once again God gives us the choice of choosing health and thus “life”, or sickness and “death.” Here’s how the Bible puts it:
“I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life that both thou and thy seed may live” (Deuteronomy 30:19)
Can you imagine having a God who has been so gracious as to give each of us an internal doctor that dwells within us from the cradle to the grave? Yet that is exactly what He has done! Sadly, most are unaware God has given them such a wonderful gift. Still others (and this I have great difficulty understanding) who are aware of this gift knowingly place things into their bodies that will seriously wound or kill their internal doctor. They accomplish this by neglecting to observe the natural nutritional laws God has established in the Bible.

Is There A Place For Modern Medicine?

Occasionally I receive a letter from someone who does not appreciate some of the things I have to say about the doctors of the world's way. Some consider my words a put-down to doctors and the medical profession in general, and that I have no appreciation for doctors and what they do. So let me share some of my thoughts concerning doctors: 1. I am not against doctors – Most are very sincere individuals who entered their profession with a sincere desire to help their fellow man. I have some wonderful friends who are doctors and here at Hallelujah Acres we have already had 64 medical doctors go through our Health Minister Training program. Many of these medical doctors are using The Hallelujah Diet in their practices, so how could I be against all doctors? 2. Nor am I against nurses. My mother was an RN and besides, nurses only do what they are instructed to, so they can’t be faulted. But these nurses do see the horrible consequences of modern medical treatments. We have had well over 300 nurses complete our Health Minister program here at Hallelujah Acres. 3. My criticism is of modern medicine's approach to physical problems. Most doctors practice what they were taught in medical school. So it is not the doctor that I am critical of but the practice of what they were taught. Much of the financing of our medical colleges comes from the drug industry. Of course, this has great influence on what doctors learn and how they deal with their patients' physical problems. 4. Doctors excel at putting accident victims back together. If I were to have an accident, there is no one I would rather see than a good trauma doctor. It is amazing, with all the modern technology available today, how well doctors are able to restore the integrity of physical bodies. 5. I am extremely supportive of well-trained chiropractors – Chiropractors are not taught to treat symptoms. Rather they are taught how to restore energy flow so the body will function better. Most chiropractors have a much greater awareness of the need to properly nourish the body if health — true health — is to be achieved. 6. Rhonda and I personally go to doctors and have annual blood profiles performed in order to detect any weaknesses in order to fine tune our bodies to achieve the greatest health possible. One of the doctors we go to is not only on The Hallelujah Diet but also has completed our Health Minister training. He requires all new patients to adopt The Hallelujah Diet for 21 days because he has found that it is only the body that has the ability to heal. He understands that all he can do is direct the patient as to how they can contribute to their own healing through proper diet and lifestyle. And by the way, the results he is obtaining with his patients is phenomenal! Next Week – The good Lord willing and if the creeks don’t rise too high we will conclude this article by sharing what things we are doing that seriously wound or kill our internal doctor, and what things we can do to make that internal doctor strong and powerful so that we can experience the health that God designed for each of us. Hope to see you next week!

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