The 4 Healthiest Resorts On Earth

The 4 Healthiest Resorts On Earth

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We scoured the world to find the healthiest resorts around! Some were great, but didn't have food suitable for the Hallelujah Diet. Some had Hallelujah Diet friendly food, but accommodations were not the best. Some had great food and great accommodations but there was really nothing to do. And then we found something that was different than anything else — a family of resorts where all the food was healthy and delicious, you could relax in scenic surroundings, go on fabulously fun outings, and leave healthier than when you arrived! If this sounds good to you, Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Centers are just what the doctor ordered — not that you have to be sick to visit one. Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Centers give you an immersion experience into the Hallelujah Diet while you relax, refresh your spirit, and enjoy gourmet vegan fare that you’d be hard pressed to find on a cruise or a beach resort. It's a fun learning experience, too! Guests learn innovative food prep techniques, how to juice, and get expert, one-on-one instruction on everything from exercise and detoxification, to how to order food at a restaurant and what to look for at a health food store. There are four Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Centers: All centers deliver a similar, hands-on program that helps guests understand the health-boosting power of the Hallelujah Diet and equips them to implement it at home when they leave. Though all have similar programs, each Lifestyle Center offers unique experiences and expertise. For example, owners of the North Carolina location have decades of restaurant experience and a raw food chef certification. Meanwhile, the Florida location is popular for a different reason. “Our location is great for out-of-state travelers,” says Sherry Orcutt, who owns the Plant City, Florida location with husband and MS survivor, Dave. “Flight costs to the Tampa airport are usually very reasonable and the weather is fantastic. Aside from what we have at the Lifestyle Center, people often extend their stays to take advantage of local attractions. Disney World is 45 minutes away, Busch Gardens is 20 minutes away, and the beach is close by, too.” In fact, location plays a part in each center’s uniqueness. Lifestyle Center attendees wanting to pair their one or two week visit with a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains, for example, can do so at the Lake Lure, NC location. “Our location is nestled in the mountains and close to Chimney Rock State Park and Lake Lure," says Anita Koch, co-owner of the Lake Lure location with her husband, Tim. "We're right in the middle of where famous movies like Last of the Mohicans, Dirty Dancing, and The Hunger Games were filmed. And during the summer, we treat guests to a boat tour on Lake Lure.” Further north in the Ozarks, the lakeside setting of the Branson, Missouri location offers a spacious, lodge-like atmosphere for those who love the woods. Each room has a view of Table Rock Lake, and it’s not uncommon to see wildlife wandering through the property. “Our pontoon boat is definitely a highlight during the summer months,” says Jennifer Van Kirk, owner of the Branson location. “We make our lunch and eat it out in the sunshine on the lake.” In fact, field trips are a popular activity at all four Lifestyle Centers, but there’s lots to do on-site, too. Each center features a wealth of on-site amenities that cater to a healthy lifestyle. “In the summer, our guests really enjoy our saltwater swimming pool,” says Janis Medeiros. She and husband Ben operate the newest Lifestyle Center in picturesque Parkersburg, West Virginia. “Our sauna is very popular, too — and those who use it really love it! We had a lady here named Grace who used it every day of her stay. When she arrived, she had bags under her eyes and was tired, sad, and weak. By the end of the week, she was glowing. Her transformation was just remarkable!” It’s transformations like these that result in fabulous testimonies from all four centers, all within a week or two of transitioning to the Hallelujah Diet with the expert coaching of Lifestyle Center owners. “I remember one lady who came here from Panama who had kidney cancer,” recalls Jennifer Van Kirk. “The doctors could do nothing for her and sent her home to die. That was two years ago, and now she’s completely healed and teaching The Hallelujah Diet to others in Panama!” The Medeiros’ have also witnessed other exciting transformations in recent months. “There was a fellow who came here with lung cancer, bladder cancer, and type-2 diabetes. After just a few days and starting The Hallelujah Recovery Diet, he stopped his insulin shots altogether and today he has no symptoms of his cancer; he feels great.” Though not all guests have physical challenges, hosting those with serious medical conditions is nothing new for Lifestyle Center owners. Special dietary considerations are routinely accommodated, too. “People need to know that if they have food sensitivities, we can customize,” Anita Koch affirms. “That’s not a problem at all. You’re here to get healthy, and we’re going to do everything we can to help you during your stay with us.” Whatever your reason for visiting a Lifestyle Center, whether to learn how to overcome a life-threatening condition or just bring your health to the next level, the best part of all, says Sherry Orcutt, is the food. “I think the greatest thing about coming to a Lifestyle Center is seeing that a Genesis 1:29 diet doesn’t have to be boring. People think that all they can eat are lettuce and tomatoes, and when they see the food is different they get very excited and want to do this.” Discover more about Lifestyle Centers here!

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