Testimonies of Restored Health

Testimonies of Restored Health

Recovery from Diabetic Neuropathy

David L. of Manassas, VA writes about his struggle with Type 1 Diabetes. "After adopting The Hallelujah Diet in 2006, it wasn’t long before the loss of sensation and the tingling in my feet was completely gone, and all other symptoms of neuropathy had vanished... I have had no further problem since making the diet change three years ago." Read David's diabetes testimony here.

Increased Energy After Difficult Start

Kim H. of New Zealand admits she had trouble getting started on the Hallelujah Diet. After a few false starts, she jumped in with both feet and is experiencing remarkable results. Be encouraged by her story. “I am experiencing an increase in energy and mental clarity. My skin is healthier, my eyes clearer and mood swings have improved. Yesterday I walked over 4 kilometers (about 2 ½ miles) to shop and when I returned home I was not tired. I can’t remember being able to do that before.” Read more of Kim's testimony here. Send Us Your Testimonies I am so encouraged by the tens of thousands of testimonies from folks who have made this simple diet change. If you have experienced improved health, please consider letting others know about it. We promise not to publish your last name or other personally identifiable information. Click here to share your story.

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