State Inspector: Fried Nuggets Healthier Than Turkey Sandwich

State Inspector: Fried Nuggets Healthier Than Turkey Sandwich

The government is telling kids what to eat... and sending parents the bill! Rev. Malkmus sounds the alarm and warns what may be next.
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The following appeared in the church bulletin where Rhonda and I attended church this past Sunday. It is written by "Pastor Mark":
I am sure that most of you have heard about the instance that took place in West Hoke Elementary School in North Carolina. Basically, what happened is that a state agent was inspecting lunch boxes to see if the children’s lunches met The Department of Agriculture guidelines. Child’s lunch box: Turkey & cheese sandwich, banana, chips, and apple juice. State meal: Chicken nuggets with dipping sauce, watermelon, corn, squash, muffin, and milk. The result was that the child’s packed lunch was removed and the state lunch was given to the child. In addition, the parent was charged for the meal. We see once again how things in this nation are out of control. The reality is that nobody wants to deal with the real issues. It should bother all of us that a child’s lunch box has more laws to protect it than an unborn baby does. Most people with common sense understand that this story about a child’s lunch is ridiculous. I think all of us would agree that a turkey sandwich is healthier than fried chicken nuggets. I realize some will ask, “Don’t we need to do something about the obesity of our children?” It seems to me we are missing the point. It is not just about the obesity issue, it is about the ability to make good sound decisions. When a child’s lunch garners more moral outrage than the killing of an unborn, our ability to make decisions is broken. Personally, I think children ought to have P.E. (physical education) and be provided healthy meals, but it needs to go beyond that. They need stable families. Dads and Moms need to turn off the TV’s, X-boxes, video games, computers, etc. and interact with their children. That interaction involves activities from playing catch outside, to saying their prayers together before they go to sleep at night. Perhaps the story would not have made national headlines if the lunch box had been filled with junk food. Unfortunately, the only thing filled with junk is the government inspector’s head to think chicken nuggets are healthier than a turkey sandwich.
Editor's Note: Friends, this is what happens when government oversteps their bounds and mandates how we should care for our bodies. There should never be a day when the government dictates that we should eat chicken nuggets. This type of control by government is why I'm opposed to National Health Care. If fully implemented, the government will have legal authority to take total charge of your body and the bodies of every member of your family from the cradle to the grave. In addition, you will lose your ability to choose what is best for you and your family as far as what you can and cannot eat and how physical problems can be addressed. There has never been a greater threat to the freedoms our founding fathers gave their treasure and some even their very lives to establish for those who would follow them.
You can learn the impact National Health Care will have on your health freedoms by clicking here. And those interested in knowing the ingredients in McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets (similar to the nuggets referred to in Pastor Mark’s story) can click here.
I have no doubt, if National Health Care is ever fully implemented, God’s original diet would be outlawed by these government inspectors as not being healthy. God says: “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God . . . .” (I Corinthians 6:19)

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