Spreading The Message of Hope and Healing

Spreading The Message of Hope and Healing

The Hallelujah Diet has people talking! Read the exciting news of how God is leading those on The Hallelujah Diet to share it with others around them.
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Thank you for all the wonderful letters and Christmas greetings I received in recent weeks! I read each one and share as many as possible in this Health Tip — please keep them coming!
“My husband and I have been enjoying The Hallelujah Diet for just over a year now and feel wonderful and encouraged at 70 years of age. Thanks for hearing from God and passing on this wonderful health restoring information to us.” Margaret and Billy D.
“It has probably been 15 years since we first came to Hallelujah Acres, were inspired by your health message and passion, and took your Health Minister training. We continue to share the concept of a plant based diet (primarily raw) and the increasing of greens to our patients in our clinic here in the state of Washington. We are happy and thankful this Christmas season for the wonderful work your organization continues to do and the information it continues to provide.” Health Ministers Dr. Avery and Lisa M.
“Rev. George, I have been inspired by you over the years and want to thank you for sharing your testimony and for providing knowledge and a wealth of educational opportunities regarding health and wellness. I intend to do your Health Minister training in 2011 and am very interested in taking up residence in The Villages of Hallelujah Acres there in Shelby, North Carolina. I think The Villages is an awesome concept and am praying to be able to relocate there. Thank you and God Bless!” Marlene M.
“Dr. Malkmus, before adopting The Hallelujah Diet I was sluggish and tired most of the time and was dealing with bouts of depression. Each month during my menstrual cycle both tiredness and depression were even worse along with headaches, irritability, pressure, bloating and cramps. Since beginning The Hallelujah Diet most symptoms have either gone completely away or have decreased tremendously. I am now a much happier, easy going person, so much so that my husband stated recently that he has enjoyed being married to me more these past couple months since my diet change than he has all our 22 years of marriage. Isn’t it amazing what God can and will do in our lives if we will just listen and allow ourselves to learn and then apply what we have learned? Since making the diet and lifestyle change I have also noticed that cuts and bruises heal much more rapidly, that my energy level is great, and I have lost 30 pounds. “I first learned about Hallelujah Acres when a local church offered a ‘Bigger Loser’ program which my parents and I participated in. My motivation was to get my parents into the program because mother was almost 100 pounds overweight, and a diabetic with high blood pressure. I was also interested in starting a similar program here at our Bible College. The program consisted of participants weighing in, attending a devotional and informative health class each week, which in addition to learning so much wonderful information about health, resulted in both my parents getting saved. In one of those early meetings in October, Judy P. gave testimony of how The Hallelujah Diet had changed her life in just the few months she had been on it. She had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which she had suffered with for some 20 years, taking many medications because of her inability to move and sleep. It was her testimony that motivated both my parents and I to try The Hallelujah Diet and we have all been hooked ever since. “Working at a Bible College I have felt God leading me to learn more and more about health and nutrition so that I can teach others how to eat and live a healthier, more active lifestyle so that they will be better prepared to minister to others in their churches and on the mission field. Now that I have completed Hallelujah Acres Health Minister training I can’t wait to get started sharing this information. When people ask me how I lost 30 pounds and why I look and feel so good, I love telling them how God has shown me a better way to eat and live my life, a life I have found to be more abundant both physically and spiritually. Hallelujah!” Health Minister Sandra S., Pineville, Kentucky

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