Sharing The Message Just Got Easier

Sharing The Message Just Got Easier

Have a burden to share The Hallelujah Diet with others? We have a new option to learn how — and you can do it from your own home!
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When we began publishing The Hallelujah Health Tip online in 1998, few people had access to the internet and thus few people corresponded by email. As more and more people gained access to the internet, correspondence email from around the world has increased dramatically! Most of the letters I post contain testimonies, but there are many more letters from across America and around the world that never get published.
“Dear Rev. Malkmus. For years I have subscribed to your Health Tips, and have watched your ministry grow from strength to strength with God’s blessings. I live in Trinidad where most people are sick. How possible would it be for you to do a Health Ministry training here in Trinidad? If you can’t come to Trinidad, could you suggest what I can do to promote your message here? The health message you advocate is identical to my beliefs. I have seen countless miraculous physical healings, not only in myself, but in countless others who have made the diet and lifestyle change that you advocate. Please help us here in Trinidad! I await your early response.” Glenda G., Trinidad
EDITOR NOTE: For Glenda and so many others around the world I am thrilled to announce that Hallelujah Acres is now able to offer Health Minister training on the internet. Click here for more information on our new Health Minister Training Online.
“Brother George, Thank you for your Health Tip article ‘Why I Do What I Do’. It was just what I needed to hear at this point in my life. Years ago, God answered my prayers for healing through you and Hallelujah Acres, and since then I have been enjoying a happy and healthy life. You shared my healing testimony in one of your Health Tips some years ago. I then became Health Minister and began teaching what I had learned in my ministry working with inner-city homeless. After 37 years of Homeless Ministry I want to start a Hallelujah Acres Health Ministry here in Pennsylvania. Please tell me how I can start such a ministry.” Health Minister Tom D., Kempton, Pennsylvania
EDITOR NOTE: Tom, you might like to go through our Health Minister Training Online. I realize that you went through training many years ago, but today we have so much more to offer, especially in the area of how to implement what you learn in Health Minister Training in practical ways to develop a ministry. There are so many different ways now available to minister God’s health message to others. May the Lord give you clear guidance as you seek His will!
“Thank you so much for your article ‘Why I Do What I Do’, and for being an example of faithfulness, and for persevering with such integrity in this very difficult ministry. I am grateful to God for having miraculously and specifically answered my prayers 16 years ago regarding health and nutrition and since then God has led me step by step toward getting connected with Hallelujah Acres. After all these 16 years of seriously reading and researching nutrition and health, it is clear to me that you are out there as a health organization NOT for profit, but to be led by God to excel in quality in everything you do (including testing products, researching, updating health news, etc.), and to bless people like me (and many others) who are willing to give The Hallelujah Diet the good try it so deserves. Again my gratefulness to you and all those at Hallelujah Acres in persevering in this most important ministry with such conviction, joy, integrity, generosity, and faithfulness to God and for God’s glory, and for the good of others. My prayers have been and continue to be with you as you serve God here and wherever in the world, directly or through others, you and your staff have trained.” Kim
EDITOR NOTE: Thank you Kim for your prayers and those kind words! But for any good that we have done we give God all the glory! We here at Hallelujah Acres are only God’s servants for Christ’s sake, seeking to restore physical and spiritual health to the Church of Jesus Christ.

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