Robin Williams—Theories on Why

Robin Williams—Theories on Why

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There are many theories going around today about what caused Robin Williams to take his life. One such theory is that he had a mental illness. This is a new “disease” of today much like “obesity” and “inflammation” have become new “diseases.” The problem with the theory of “mental illness” is that it doesn’t get to the root of the problem. When one has been diagnosed as having a “mental illness”, then the next step is to prescribe a medication to assist that person in staying mentally balanced without experiencing too many emotional or mental swings that can be upsetting to the person, their family and society at large. Sadly, the prescriptions are a continuous process because they don’t help the person long term. Rather, they mask the symptoms but since the root problem has never been diagnosed, the “mental illness” can never be reversed. Another theory that we have heard is that Robin Williams must not have had a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. First, that appears to be a judgment; one that cannot be validated for certain, and even then—it is still a judgment. No one else can ever know any other’s true personal relationships with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Sadly, these types of comments actually can create a barrier for people to want to know Jesus rather than encourage them to. We often create statements such as these because we are at a loss for an answer and it is easy to believe that a stronger relationship with our Lord can make things right. It is so true that without our strong belief and faith in our Father, life on earth would be much more depressing and discouraging. It is absolutely necessary to have a strong relationship with our Lord. Yet, even with that relationship, life on this side of Heaven can still be challenging indeed. We would like to submit yet another theory as to why Robin Williams chose to end his life. We believe that a body that is filled with toxins can break down both physically and mentally. A body that is filled with toxins cannot continue to consume the essential nutrients it needs every day to stay in physical or mental health. Without judgment, it is a known fact that his body had been under pressure from street drugs and alcohol for a number of years. These are toxic to the brain as well as to the body! We also don’t know what other exposures he may have had to additional dangerous toxins often found in our food and environment. Nearly all of us have! Without proper detoxification, these toxins can build up in the body and in the brain causing stress, depression, mood swings and many additional symptoms that when combined with poor quality nutrition, one can easily see that as the pendulum swings, the body has no recourse but to react. We began to see the severe impact toxins have on human bodies as we were researching for the recently released book Unravel the Mystery; a Simple Effective Approach to Beating Cancer. The daily toxic exposures that healthy people have to endure can be difficult, but if someone has had greater amounts of exposure whether self-induced or not, the load can be deadly on the body and on the brain. We teach that proper daily nutrition is vital for people to maintain their health. But if a person has a toxic body to begin with, the need for quality nutrition is greater and the need to remove those toxins carefully and completely is vital. It takes good nutrition to begin the removal process of the toxins. This can be a slow process. It may also take other methods to safely remove those toxins, but they must be removed or they can seriously impair your physical and in many cases mental health. We truly loved and respected the work of Robin Williams. We count him as one of those who we lost too early, just like those who succumbed to cancer at a tender age. In both cases, it is likely that toxicity and nutritional deficiency were the underlying reasons their lives ended. May this be a strong lesson to all of us—Let’s not so easily judge, or begin to label behaviors. In essence, those who exhibit symptoms of mental imbalance may not need a pill or a psychiatrist. There is a very strong likelihood they need to be tested to identify the toxins that are in their bodies and they need to find the safest ways to remove them while adding the highest quality nutrition to assist their bodies in recovering. These measures can bring stability, balance and light back into their lives.

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