Rev. Malkmus & Rhonda Home after 3,000 Mile Speaking Tour

Rev. Malkmus & Rhonda Home after 3,000 Mile Speaking Tour

Rhonda and I arrived home safely this past Saturday afternoon (July 24) after spending eleven days on the road, driving 2,879 miles, delivering three seminars, and taping two 1-hour television programs. As always it is so good to be home and sleeping in our own beds. Motels are nice when on the road, but there is no place like home! Thank you so much for your prayers for our safe return! The Algona, Iowa seminar only had about 150 people in attendance, but when you consider that Algona is a very small farming town in north central Iowa surrounded by cornfields and soybean fields for miles and miles around, that 150 number sounds pretty good. Over half of the people attending had driven at least three hours to attend and several had driven over six hours. It was a good meeting. Our seminar in Independence, Missouri was a unique one – About two hours before the seminar was to begin, the worst thunder and lightning storm of the season (so I was told) hit town, and continued on and off throughout the evening. They were expecting 600 in attendance and no doubt that number would have shown up if it had not been for the storm. In spite of the storm we had over 300. Then at one point during the seminar, popping sounds in the ceiling started and with each pop, showers of sparks rained down on the people. I urged the people to remain calm as the ushers moved the people from the area where the sparks were falling as I continued on with the seminar. The air conditioning unit was turned off on a very hot evening, but we did complete the seminar without any further problems and the people lingered for over an hour asking questions after the seminar ended. Our seminar in the Keeter Center at the College of the Ozarks in Branson, Missouri had some 300 in attendance and we were told that was the largest number they had ever had in the auditorium on the college campus. While in Branson we had the privilege of staying at the Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center in Golden, Missouri (located just outside of Branson). Kevin and Jenifer VanKirk are the owners and hosts of the Lifestyle Center and are wonderful caring people. Their home, located on the shores of Table Rock Lake is rustic and yet has all the amenities including private baths for each room. Several days before our arrival in Branson, Jennifer had contact with television Evangelist Jim Baker who is developing 600 acres of land into a Christian village called Morningside in Branson. On the campus they have their television studios and when he learned that we were coming to Branson he wanted all of us – Rhonda and myself, Kevin and Jennifer, to all be on his television show. Jim Bakker was so excited we were there and the first thing he shared with us was that he was on a 100% plant based diet and in just the first four weeks of making the diet change was off all his diabetic medications and his blood sugar levels were normal. We taped one 1-hour show and then he asked us to do another. They will be telecast in about two weeks over Daystar and TBN, as well as on the internet around the world. I believe he said the viewing audience in the U.S. alone is over 58 Million. This was an added bonus and for sure came as an unexpected opportunity to share God’s Health Message with a potential audience of millions of people around the world. They said that one of the countries they receive a tremendous response from is China. By the way, Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Contraras have recently done shows on Jim Baker’s television programs as well. Our next scheduled “God’s Way to Ultimate Health” seminars are scheduled for August 7 in Shelby, North Carolina; August 14 in New Bern, North Carolina and August 21 near Spartanburg, South Carolina. If any of these locations are near where you live, we hope to see you there.

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