Rev. Malkmus & Rhonda Arrive Home After Speaking Tour

Rev. Malkmus & Rhonda Arrive Home After Speaking Tour

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As the saying goes, “There’s No Place like Home”. We immensely enjoy being able to share God’s health message with folks around the country, but the long hours on the road and sleeping in a different motel room each night always ends with a “Thank You Lord for safe travel over the many miles and thank you for our home.” We drove 2,261 miles on this trip. On this last speaking tour we left home shortly after noon on Wednesday, August 25 and arrived home the evening of September 1. As Reported in last week’s Health Tip we had good meetings in Cincinnati and Bowling Green, Ohio. From Bowling Green we drove to the northern part of Michigan where I spoke both Sunday evening and Monday Morning to the folks gathered for the Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Centers Retreat at the Mission Point Resort on Mackinac Island. Mackinac Island is a very unique place. No cars are allowed on the island. Transportation is by bicycle, horse drawn carriage, or walking. They have 400 large work horses and over 60 carriages on the island. No car fumes, only horse fumes. And horse drawn wagons picking up the spent horse fuel.J The temperature was in the 90’s each day we were on the island and the Mission Point Resort where we stayed had no air-conditioning in their rooms. Folks, air-conditioning has spoiled me.

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