Rev. Malkmus Reports from Pittsburgh & Toronto

Rev. Malkmus Reports from Pittsburgh & Toronto

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We left home at noon on Wednesday, June 16 and drove till supper time. Got a motel, had our BarleyMax, and then had a nice salad and some cooked veggies at a Ryan’s across the road from the motel. Thursday we were on the road at 8:00 a.m. and drove till about 3:00 p.m. when we checked into our motel at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott. Took a short nap, had our BarleyMax in some carrot juice we had brought with us, an apple and banana, and were in the room where the seminar was to take place at 5:00. We then greeted folks till the seminar began at 6:30. About 200 in attendance, great testimonies, and were back in our motel room about 10:30. Friday morning we left the motel about 8:00 and drove to Toronto, Canada, arriving at our hotel around 3:00 p.m. Had the evening free. For supper we had our last carrot juice we had brought with us (it only keeps 3 days in our plug in refrigerator in the car), along with BarleyMax. Supper was a lovely salad and then some whole wheat pasta loaded with veggies in the hotel restaurant. Saturday morning we had free and then about noon drove over to Hallelujah Acres Canada where Judy Fleming who heads up Hallelujah Acres Canada had spring rolls and a nice plate of fruit awaiting us. From 2:00 until 5:00 I spoke to over 60 folks, most of them Canadian Health Ministers, who had gathered. It was great to see so many Health Ministers, some we had trained over 12 years ago while still in Tennessee, who are still faithfully sharing God’s health message. Sunday afternoon we had nearly 200 in attendance for our Toronto Seminar. Great testimonies and so many excited people present. One lady from Nigeria brought me a lovely hand-made shirt from her country, and said she had learned about Hallelujah Acres in Nigeria. We left Toronto about 5:00 p.m., and drove across the Canadian border about 6:30, arriving in East Aurora, New York (where our Monday evening seminar is scheduled) about 7:30. Had our BarleyMax and then found an Italian restaurant where we were able to get a nice salad and some roasted veggies. Got to bed about 10:00. I am writing this from my motel room here in East Aurora, New York early Monday morning. We have the day off and plan on a nice walk and then will be at the church about 6:00 this evening for the East Aurora seminar. Tomorrow morning we begin our 12-hour drive back to our home in Shelby, North Carolina. By the time we arrive home, we will have driven almost 2,000 miles and delivered 3 seminars on this trip. In August we have seminars scheduled in Algona, Iowa, Branson, Missouri and Independence, Missouri. I thank the Lord that at 76 years of age I still have the energy to maintain a vigorous schedule and share God’s Health Message with many. And to think that Rhonda, who had arthritis so severe when she adopted the Hallelujah Diet 19-years ago, is able to travel with me these many miles with no pain. God has been so good to us and blessed us in so many ways. Thank you for your prayers!

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