Rev. Malkmus On the Road Again

Rev. Malkmus On the Road Again

This coming weekend, May 8-11, folks in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia will have opportunity to hear and see a 76-year-old vegan energizer bunny in action. Rev. Malkmus has been on a 100% plant based diet for over 34 years now, and unless you have seen him in action before, you won’t believe the energy this man has at his age. Refusing any medical treatments for colon cancer in 1976, Rev. Malkmus, at the advice of Evangelist Lester Roloff, stopped consuming any food of animal origin. And on further advice from Brother Roloff adopted a pure plant based diet, similar to the diet God gave Adam in Genesis 1:29. In less than a year of making this diet change his cancer was gone and for the past 18 years he has been proclaiming the message, “You Don’t Have to be Sick.” Millions have adopted what he now calls the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle, and as a result, tens-of-thousands have written to tell of over 170 different physical problems disappearing after they made the diet change Rev. Malkmus proclaims – even terminal cancers. If you live in Ohio, Kentucky or West Virginia, or know someone in these states, click here to learn more about the seminar nearest to you. Rhonda will be traveling with Rev. Malkmus and they are excited about seeing old friends and making new friends. The information shared in these meetings, when applied, is restoring health to multitudes, and even saving lives. Dates, Locations & Directions

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