Rev. Malkmus Is Coming To Orlando, Florida!

Rev. Malkmus Is Coming To Orlando, Florida!

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It is always so exciting to be able to share with others how they can improve their health by doing something as simple as changing what they eat. My next seminar is scheduled for Saturday, February 1 in Altamonte Springs, Florida, just outside of Orlando. This FREE seminar will be held on Saturday, February 1 at 10:00 a.m. sharp in the ballroom of the Hilton Orlando Altamonte Springs Hotel. We already have people registered for this event coming from throughout Florida and from as far away as Michigan, Indiana, Maryland, North Carolina, Texas and Ontario, Canada! Just a few days after this seminar, I will be celebrating my 80th birthday on February 12 — come to this seminar and help me celebrate being on the Hallelujah Diet for almost half my life! Come learn how through simple diet and lifestyle change I was able to eliminate colon cancer at age 42, eliminate the effects of a hemorrhagic stroke at age 68, and still going strong in a healthy body and sound mind as I celebrate my 80th birthday! The Hilton Orlando-Altamonte Springs Hotel is located at 350 South Northlake Boulevard. Click here for more information!

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