Rev. Malkmus Criticized For Article About Socialism & Health Care

Rev. Malkmus Criticized For Article About Socialism & Health Care

Reverend Malkmus responds to critics from his article on Socialism and Healthcare.
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socialized-medicineA couple weeks ago, using numerous verses from the bible, I clearly showed from Scriptures that our bodies belong to God and not to government, and concluded the article with the following words.
“The government forcing me to carry Health Insurance, not only isn’t fair, but it would also force me into a Socialist system, which I abhor. . . . But this forcing of me to carry Health Insurance and the Government control of the Health Insurance Industry goes far beyond socialism, it is unconstitutional! Sadly we are rapidly becoming no longer the ‘Land of the Free and the home of the Brave.’ But rather, ‘the land of the enslaved, and the home of the ignorant.” (Full Socialism Article Here)
Well what was shared in this Health Tip wasn’t received very well by one of the readers of that Health Tip. Here is what one reader wrote using the alias “yellowlark”:
“Stay focused on the issues. Since you are rich when are you going to give your fair share. It is not the poor in this country that has taken jobs out of this country but I guess that is ok with you since you don’t want them to get health care. When are you going to open your store houses and nourish the people? But NO, that would cost you $$$$ and we know you can’t give any of that. It is a shame you have become just like the Oil and other Industry’s in the USA only thinking about your MONEY.”
And here is what another reader using the alias “homeschoolmom” wrote in response to the above letter:
“Yellowlark, you are missing the point. This isn’t about money – it’s about control. I do not have health insurance and I am not even close to rich. But, I do not want health insurance – or anything else from government. The government should be our servant – not our slave driver forcing us to do things we don’t want to do. If you want that kind of system, you should consider moving to a country that embraces that type of government – like Cuba.”
This letter from “yellowlark” is a sad one, but even sadder is that it reflects an ever increasing portion of our nation’s population believes others should take care of them. Our nation’s founding fathers established a nation where the primary role of government was to provide the people with protection from outside forces so that the people could in freedom, work hard and enjoy the fruits of their labors. Today we have a government that is attempting to take what has been earned by hard working citizens, who have prospered in a system of free enterprise, and give it to those who have not worked as hard or prospered as much. The more government takes from those who have, and gives it to those who have not, the more of those same people will vote them back into power. There seems to be a concerted effort in Washington to take control of the health care system. Instead of government using taxpayer money to provide free health care the American people would be much better served if that money was used to teach the citizens how to prevent sickness from occurring in the first place. There is not a single item in any of the proposed Health Care bills before Congress that even hints at prevention. Editor's Note: By the way, we do encourage you to comment on these posts whether you agree with me or not. That's one of the advantages of the new blog version of the Health Tip.

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